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Our Guide to Car Dealerships in Missoula


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Missoula, Montana, is an amazing city with just under 75,000 people. The rolling hills and every changing landscape makes it necessary for families to own a car. This quaint town is full of local parks and national landmarks that make living there perfect for every family.

With over 20 different used car dealerships there are plenty of choices of cars to find. Many of the dealerships are focused on serving the customers with quality brand cars from every manufacturer.

There are so many missoula car dealerships that can be bought from that making the right choice will be easy. Here is a quality guide to the dealerships in Missoula, Montana.

Used Car Dealerships in Missoula, Montana

With multiple used car dealerships serving the Missoula area, there is enough competition to ensure that you will find the perfect car for your family. Before buying a used auto from car dealers, it is advisable to test drive each car. You will find things that you like and dislike about each one. You may find that taking the car to a trusted mechanic is necessary to check out reliability.

There are two main areas in Missoula, MT where quality autos can be found. Nearly half of the dealerships can be found on the southern side of town along highway 93. The other cluster of dealerships are found on the north end of the city along highway 90.

Both areas have luxury and common brands of autos available. You will spend an entire day looking at the dealerships locating the perfect used auto for your family.

Each used car dealership offers a wide range of financing from a variety of financial lenders. Each dealership has cars from all years available to near new brands. It is important to shop interest rates in order to keep from getting a high rate.

Each car is priced fairly based on current value in the Missoula area. But it is important to shop around at places like Missoula Car and Truck and Lithia Toyota because two different dealerships may offer the same auto at drastically different prices.

Luxury Car Dealerships Around Missoula

If you are in the market for a luxury vehicle, you will find the GMC Mercedes-Benz dealership on West Broadway St to have everything you are looking for. You will find every auto you can think of. Trucks are a plenty and so are the desired sports cars.

Check out the Montana Motor Mall to find a wide range of vehicles. You can find everything from four-wheel drives to four door sedans. If you cannot seem to find the care you are looking for let the dealership help put you behind the wheel after they find the car.

Cheap Car Dealerships

The very idea of a cheap car dealership is a reality in Missoula. You will find competitive prices across the city. In order to get the price, you are looking for, it will be necessary for you to negotiate. There is always a little room for you to ask for a lower price.

When negotiating a price, you stand a better chance of getting the asking price if you have a down payment available. If the price is not what you expect it may be possible to ask for a warranty to be included as part of the sale.

Car Dealership Brands

In Missoula, you are bound to find the brand and type of car you are looking for. You will find the Subaru brand, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai and import brands.

With so many choices you are bound to find what you are looking for. Missoula has a number of dealerships that specialize with your favorite brands. Once you have found the right vehicle, you will have the best care to help keep your used vehicle running well.

Several dealerships specialize in multiple brands of cars. This means that you will find a mix of cars for you to choose from. Always use care when buying a used car. If your sales representative is trying to force a sale, you would be better off buying at another location.

Always have the vehicle checked out by a trusted mechanic before signing on the dotted line.