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Electrify Your Adventures

Rivian R1T Electric Truck Maximizes Adventure and Minimizes Environmental Impact

Explore the world in a whole new way with the Rivian R1T electric truck. From the moment you complete your online purchase, you will experience a new world of transportation. The R1T combines a 410-mile battery range with the powerful performance you demand from a truck. 

Best-in-Class Performance

The R1T can power through up to 3 feet of water, climb over boulders, and go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Customize your driving experience with multiple modes—All-Purpose ensures a smooth ride around town while All-Terrain makes you trail ready.

Unique Rivian Touches

Rivian specializes in providing you with subtle luxuries.

You'll appreciate the Gear Tunnel running through the body of the vehicle, which can accommodate anything from fishing poles and skis to artwork and groceries. A flashlight stays handy in the driver's side door. A Gear Guard sends you safety alerts. The Pet Comfort mode lets you safely leave your pets unattended inside the cab. The Camp Mode levels the R1T on uneven ground and optimizes energy. Underbed storage, cargo tie-downs, and a built-in air compressor make getting off-road easy. Get in, drive away, and enjoy.

5 seats (fits up to 3 car seats)

11,000-lb. towing capacity

MSRP: $69,900