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Elevate Your Spring Cleaning

With Lemon and Lavender

The month of April is when we start to feel the essence of spring and the need for change. Trees are blooming, flowers are growing and a rebirth period comes to life, as springtime sunshine and warmth wipe away the darkness of winter. With the change of seasons, comes the desire to welcome new beginnings and the joys of spring cleaning. What better way to begin your spring cleaning than with the luxury local housecleaning service, Lemon and Lavender.

With personalized cleanings by the team at Lemon and Lavender, each client receives top notch customer service including a free in person consultation plus customizable cleaning plans. Each cleaning includes professionally trained Eco Cleaners which are skilled teams of certified cleaners that deliver luxury quality each and every time.

Founder of Lemon and Lavender, Brianna Espinoza, started the company after her journey to motherhood found the impacts that cleaning products can have on a household. From there, she realized that there was a need for an eco-friendly housekeeping service and her business was born. Greenwich Lifestyle is happy to share insight into her unique business, as we enter the season of Spring, a time of rejuvenation and cleaning away the winter blues.

BE: "The products we use for each cleaning are eco friendly, non toxic, and all natural. They are safe for children and pets as well. The 100% non-toxic cleaning solutions, free of chemicals have pure essential oils and are combined with natural ingredients delivering a safe and effective formula. I actually make 5 of our signature products from scratch that we use during each cleaning. We make an all purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, and tile floor cleaner, and a special mixture for hard stains and build up. My products include all natural essential oils of Lavender, Lemon, Orange, and Tea tree."

GL: Why did you open Lemon and Lavender?
BE:  I decided to start a cleaning business because of my experience and the need for an excellent service in the area. My experience comes from child care work, personal assistant work, home organizing and home cleaning. I saw there was a need in the market for a cleaning service who not only delivered an excellent cleaning service but a company that put their staff and clients above all. 

GL: We have seen a trend for switching to more eco-friendly cleaning products, why do you feel this is important?
BE: This is very true, it's definitely trending, and for a good reason. Today more and more people are becoming knowledgeable on the fact that most cleaning products we grew up with are actually very toxic to us, our pets, and our environment. I myself made the change years ago to live a more toxic-free life. I switched all of my cleaning products, hair, body products and also starting buying all organic food. Based off my years of experience and research, switching to non toxic cleaning products is undeniably better for your health. For example, breathing in the toxic fumes of bleach and other cleaning products such as Pine Sol, Fabuloso and even Windex; can do much damage to your health. 

At Lemon & Lavender, I personally make most of our products we use in the homes, and we make them with all natural ingredients such as castille soaps, organic essential oils, vinegars, and baking sodas. MY products follow the green cleaning initiative and i am happy that  we do! 

Lemon and Lavender recently opened their main office which is located right in the heart of Greenwich.

To learn more about the services offered visit them here: 

 60 Pemberwick Road


Lemon and Lavender does not sell their products at this point, but we are looking into it for the near future, as we get many requests! 

"I saw there was a need in the market for a cleaning service."

"Based off my years of experience and research, switching to non toxic cleaning products is undeniably better for your health."

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