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Elevate Your Summer Party with The Vintage Horse

With The Vintage Horse: a full service bartending company

GL: Tell us a little bit about your business and why you decided to start it. 

JM: I'm Jen and I am the brains behind the idea of The Vintage Horse. What started as a fun idea turned into the most rewarding opportunity!

It all began when my husband and I got married at my family campground and had a Vintage Camper as our Dessert Truck.

Fast forward 4 years later, Covid arises & our lives changed drastically.  I was let go from my 13 year career in event planning & I needed to figure something out. Thanks to Pinterest, a love for horseback riding, & a vision -The Vintage Horse was born!

We had our first event in May of 2021 and have celebrated with over 100 clients and thousands of guests in just two seasons!  With more than 15 years in the hospitality & wedding industry, this dream has brought myself & my family so much joy!

No event is too big or too small and we can pull into any space that allows us to fit!  We can't wait to be a part of your next special celebration.

GL: What makes your business unique? 

JM: We believe in creating an experience at the bar!  When you book with us you have the opportunity to select from our craft cocktail menu.  This seasonal menu allows for fresh ingredients to be curated into the most delicious cocktails & mocktails.  We truly bring the bar to you and we are ready to WOW your guests with our creative presentations & personalized experience!

GL: Where can people find you?




The Vintage Horse is a full-service bartending company. Their service packages provide combinations that will make all of your guests happy, such as craft cocktails, local brew recommendations, wine recommendations and more. Best of all, with their full service offerings, they will take care of every last detail- from ice to the garnishes - so you don't have to! 

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