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Tips for Framing/Preserving What Matters Most

To get started with a project, Travis Kuhl asks his customers three questions: “How important is this piece to you?”; “How long do you expect it to last or to be in your life?”; and “How predominantly will it be displayed in your home (or office)?” This helps gauge what archival and aesthetic choices should be considered at the design table. His tips:

1.)   Use Archival, Acid-free Materials + UV Glass. Not only do these materials help preserve what matters, but using non-archival materials will damage art by off-gassing that will cause deterioration and acid burn. UV glass will also help keep color and papers intact.

2.)   Avoid Over Framing. “Too many mats and frame stacks can quickly make your piece less about the art and more about the frame,” says Travis.

3.)   Get Funky (sometimes). Clean, classic framing typically lasts longest, but if the art is funky in style, feel free to get creative with your frame or mat. Travis’ advice: “I like to choose one thing to get funky with—it’s a more gentle approach that can still last the test of time,” he says.

4.)   Add Dimension to Your Art.  Spacers, 8-Ply mat boards, or floating artwork with a lift can all add depth and dimension to a photo or print.

5.)   Small Objects Can Have Big Impact. Small photos, drawings or paintings may be displayed on bookshelves, tables, or on mini easels and are often conversation pieces. “These items get asked about more often than others,” says Travis. Alternatively, these small artworks can be tucked somewhere that’s just for you.

6.)   Frame Personal Items. Consider framing hand-written notes, objects of affection or those of historical significance, things that can be passed down to others.

“I encourage people to look around and collect things that have meaning, things that speak to you.” says Travis.  "A frame is what will transform (something) that may not have high financial value, into an heirloom, a piece of art, and a piece you will enjoy in your life for many years.”


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