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Elevating Your Outdoor Style

VKN Realty & Remodel shares outdoor living trends to create the ultimate entertainment spaces.

During the past several years, it’s become more common for homeowners to look for ways to elevate their outdoor spaces: front yards, backyards, and any fresh air space. Not surprisingly, outdoor trends for the home now rival indoor design trends. People are looking for ways to host guests in beautifully designed outdoor gathering spaces that showcase style. As a result, having an exceptional outdoor space has shifted from merely desirable to an indispensable element of the home.

Jeremy Hall, Owner of VKN Realty @ Remodel, shared insights on what Carmel area buyers, sellers, and homeowners seek when designing outdoor spaces. One of the first places we explored was first impressions. “When looking to remodel or update a home, owners should first start with easy wins. These are things like updating your porch/patio lighting, adding in colorful plants and planters with seasonal foliage, and possibly painting the front door- black continues to be our top request.”

He also emphasized the desire for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, envisioning cozy outdoor spaces with comfortable seating, cushions, shelter from the elements, and conversational atmospheres. Gone are the days of simple outdoor patio sets. People request gathering spaces where everyone has a seat to relax. “Outdoor places that allow people to dine and relax are increasingly popular.” Homeowners and hosts should aim to create equal comfort indoors and outdoors. 

Bar tops and countertops for guests as well as spaces for entertaining children and playing games are now regularly incorporated into outdoor spaces. “It’s also common for people to include TV hookups so they can catch the game or a movie while they enjoy the outdoors,” Jeremy shares.

While outdoor kitchens are nothing new, the idea is becoming a staple as part of the ensemble of backyard cookers. Providing a space for food preparation AND cooking outdoors allows guests to conveniently converse with the host chef. Edible landscaping and gardening that brings the farm-to-table feel to your backyard is becoming popular as well.

While design trends differ based on where you live in the City, Jeremy always likes to remind homeowners they should consider how long they plan to stay in their home when remodeling/updating any space. If you're planning to sell in the next 5 years, focus on what will get the best resale value. If you're planning to stay 10+ years, focus on personal style and what builds equity. Either way, VKN is happy to guide people through what’s best for their situation. Ultimately, Jeremy likes to say,  “Make the home where you want to be. The home you deserve.”

Jeremy and Nicole Hall, Owners

VKN Realty and Remodel

An “All-in-One” real estate solution focused on the client experience. VKN provides REALTORS®, a general contractor-led remodel team, and partners with the leading marketing team of Indianapolis, Maverick Marketing, to showcase your home.

1// First Impressions

There are several, easy DIY projects that can quickly elevate the first impression of your home. From door color, to planters, seasonal foliage, to hardscapes, your entrance is the quickest way to showcase your style.

2// Cozy Living 

Encouraging conversations and fostering a homey atmosphere helps guests feel more comfortable. Mixed textures (rugs, furniture, etc.) and softer seating (i.e. pillows & stools) provide the best outdoor conversation nooks.

3// Entertaining & Party Planning 

When it comes to entertainment, people are now more likely to include features beyond pools. Outdoor living rooms provide the ultimate place to host a party.

4// Cooking & Dining

Eliminating the seclusion of grabbing supplies from the indoor kitchen allows everyone to enjoy the party together. Plan for space to prep and cook, as well as dine, with your guests.

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