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Elevating your Residence

Five Key Renovations to Enhance Your Home’s Value

Billie Fratt and Nicole Cundiff are the dynamic duo behind Valley Luxury Group. The go-to dream-team specializes in crème de la crème real estate spanning Arizona's most sought after neighborhoods.

Prioritizing the following five renovations will elevate your residence to new heights of sophistication while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of enhanced aesthetics, functionality, and value.


The American Society of Landscape Architects claims professional landscaping can increase a home’s price tag up to 20%. To maximize this investment, add trees, repair lawns, install a quality irrigation system, and upgrade your front walkway. Added impressive pops include fire pits, a low maintenance desert landscape and water features.


The National Association of Realtors estimates that kitchen renovations can see a 70% ROI. Start with updating outdated appliances in timeless finishes like stainless steel. Optimizing countertop space is imperative, as well as simple, neutral cabinetry. Kitchen skylights often see added value.


According to real estate experts, a bathroom overhaul can generate a 60% ROI. To get the most bang for your buck, add a spa shower, install a vanity with storage, and replace grout. The most appealing bathrooms have optimal light. 


The National Association of Realtors reports lighting upgrades can provide a 75% ROI. This entails updating existing fixtures, adding new ones, or simply swapping bulbs. Recessed lighting is among the most valuable home improvement trends, as are statement pieces like a chandelier or pendants.


Zillow reports that adding a fresh coat of interior paint can increase a home’s value by up to $5,000. Further studies show exterior paint jobs see a 55% ROI. For interior paint, select neutral colors such as “greige”- a blend of gray and beige. Go for flat/eggshell sheens on broad walls and use semi-glosses on trim and doors.

  • Billie Fratt and Nicole Cundiff, Valley Luxury Group