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Elite Solutions Roofing & Solar prioritizes customer satisfaction.

It’s no secret that home repairs and renovations can be incredibly stressful—but they don’t have to be!

Working with knowledgeable professionals at Elite Solutions Roofing & Solar who are passionate about what they do and how they do it, you can rest assured that you’re making a sound investment in your home and in your future.

By forming connections with clients and making them feel like family, Elite Solutions is able to ease your worries and make the process run seamlessly.  

As Elite’s owner/estimator, Julio and crew are committed not only to meeting roofing needs but to the installation of environmentally savvy solar panel systems as well.  

To Julio, combining the services of roofing and solar was only logical.“Doing both with the same company saves time and money because we know what roofing materials work best with solar [products] to prevent leaks, and we can move obstructions to help optimize space for panels,” he says.  

“We love helping the environment and helping customers by always mentioning rebates and incentives available.”

Elite Solutions Roofing & Solar prioritizes customer satisfaction, as evidenced by hundreds of content customers and glowing reviews.

What’s their secret? According to Julio, it’s all about clear communication.

 “We are a family-owned-and-operated business that prides itself in doing right by our customers and helping them in any way that we can,” he says.  

“We enjoy getting calls and emails from past clients letting us know how much they loved our crew and office staff,” says Julio.

Positive feedback keeps the Elite team motivated to keep pushing forward.  

A strong sense of family and a love for their community are the ties that bind, particularly during the time of year when reflecting on what’s truly important is especially fulfilling.  

This Thanksgiving season, Julio Guzman is most grateful for his family, friends, customers, and community.

“We are grateful for this community,” says Julio. “We come from different parts of Orange County and have found N. Orange County has been very supportive. Our customers love sending us referrals, and as a local business we believe in supporting one another.”

Whether you’re in the market for roofing repairs, renovations, or looking to add solar energy to your home, let the team at Elite Solutions Roofing & Solar take care of you.  roofingandsolar.net/

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