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Embrace Eco-Friendly Lake Life in Luxury

The "Tesla of the Sea" arrives in Lake Minnetonka

If there’s one thing Minnesotans are good at, it’s enjoying the warm weather while we have it. And what better way to spend the hot summer days than on the lake in an all-electric boat! At least that’s the sentiment Mercedes and Marc Steffes are bringing to BluWater Imports, the sole provider of Swedish X Shore electric boats in Iowa and Minnesota.

As the electric vehicle market continues to advance in the U.S., it makes sense that the industry would expand to boats as well, and Mercedes and Marc are excited to help boaters discover a way to be environmentally friendly while still enjoying the water.

“We live in one of three blue water spring fed lakes in the world… and we just really wanted to get involved with doing something neat for the environmental friendliness of the water,” expresses Marc. 

Based in Okoboji, Iowa, BluWater Imports specializes in “luxurious internationally built vessels,” including the Eelex 8000 and the brand new X Shore 1. Both boats are 100% electric and were deemed the “Tesla of the Sea” by Forbes.

The Eelex 8000, a 26-foot-long boat with a 170-kilowatt electrical motor and 126-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, is perfect for hosting family and friends out on the lake. The boat features a center console with a large touchscreen for an excellent driving experience and more than ten different layouts to accommodate everything from water sports and fishing to socializing.

The X Shore 1, arriving later in the year, is the perfect vessel for those with a need for speed. This 21-foot-long boat features a 125kw electric motor and a 63kWh lithium-ion battery, ideal for gaining top speeds in seconds.

While both boats can be used for high-speed water sports, one unique feature they offer is the “power of silence” mode. While in this mode, the watercraft will not exceed five miles per hour. “So your kids could drive this boat and mess with the throttle all they like, and it’s never going to go above or below a certain miles per hour,” says Jordon Rasmussen, sales manager at BluWater Imports.

In addition to the eco-friendly motors, the boats are also made out of recycled components. “Instead of destroying trees and making teak, the interior is made of a cork material and is cool for the feet and very luxurious,” Marc says.

One of the most significant and convenient differences between these electric boats and standard combustion boats is how they get their power. Even simpler than filling a tank with gas, you can charge the Eelex 8000 and X Shore 1 right from your dock. 

Depending on the charger you use, your boat can receive a full charge within a range of one to three hours, and the money you’ll be saving more than makes up for the extra time. But if the charging time still concerns you, BluWater Imports is working on a solution to bring superchargers to the area.

“A lot of East Coast boating communities are way ahead of the game on the electric boats and have these superchargers, but we have been talking to certain companies to obtain those and get them to our local midwest markets,” says Marc.

The maintenance involved with electric boats is another perk because there isn’t much upkeep needed at all. Winterizing the boat requires emptying the cooling tubes that suck in lake water and replacing them with antifreeze. That’s it! And if anything ever did happen to the boats, “the nice thing is we have representation in the United States from XShore, who, if there is a problem, will come to your location to service whatever issues that might occur,” Jordon assures.

As the boating season arrives in full force, BluWater Imports is excited to arrange for lake trials or test drives in Minnetonka. So embrace the future of lake life in Minnesota with X Shore electric boats! To arrange your test drive contact and check out their website:

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