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Embrace Your Wellness Journey

Become the best version of yourself by trying new therapies to improve your health with premiere wellness center CryoFit Cedar Park

Having been raised in Austin, Hunter Brown’s Texas roots run deep. Even during his pursuit of a political science degree, he remained in-state at Rice University, where he also played college baseball. Throughout his athletic journey, the necessity of sitting in ice baths for repair work was a consistent challenge—one he admits was far from enjoyable.

When Brown later set out to address his lingering injuries, he discovered the revolutionary approach to healing that is cryotherapy. With this innovative solution, he experienced genuine rejuvenation. Motivated by his own positive transformation, Brown jumped at the chance to expand CryoFit into Cedar Park and Bee Cave.

Now, alongside functional fitness trainer Jessica Western and registered nurse Samantha Rawlinson, Brown oversees the provision of comprehensive wellness services at his franchise locations. These services are tailored to meet each client’s needs through two paths—restorative and regenerative therapies.

“People don’t walk in without something bothering them. The main thing is to really uncover what is ailing them and determine exactly what our next steps are to provide comfort,” says Brown. “The biggest benefit of this whole thing is seeing peoples’ lives change.”

Some remarkable changes have included shedding 50 pounds and getting off antidepressant medications, all while improving circulation and reducing inflammation. Whether a client suffers from joint pain, headaches, or sleep issues, CryoFit aims to promote their overall well-being.

“The most effective way to treat your body is by understanding that this is a cumulative process,” says Brown. “We are all incredibly hardwired for instant gratification these days. This is an instant gratification feeling, but the best benefits come if you continue long-term.”

Want to try CryoFit Cedar Park’s infrared sauna or IV drip therapy? Schedule services at and stop by 700 E Whitestone Blvd, Suite 203!

“Over the hundreds and hundreds of clients we’ve had walk in, everyone has said they feel so much better when they leave.”

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