Embracing Holistic Parenthood

A Glimpse Into Mama Moon's European Birthing Methods And Postpartum Care

Article by Carol Fite Lynn

Photography by AluraWayne Photography

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

As a six-year-old, playing on the quiet south Brittany coasts of Pornichet, France, Amandine Bossy was captivated by the mothers and babies she observed. “I’ve always been passionate about babies and moms. I was fascinated by pregnancy and thought pregnant women were the most beautiful. There was something so magical about them.”

At the core of Bossy’s ethos lies a profound reverence for the sanctity of childbirth. Bringing the wisdom of European birthing techniques to Tennessee, she provides a holistic approach that empowers mothers-to-be by providing services to support the parenthood journey from conception through postpartum care.

The charmingly petite mother of Jules (9), Leon (7) and Nina (20 months) and owner of Mama Moon Birth Concierge, confidently shoulders the duties of caring for her family as well as the many others who trust her to help them navigate the chaotic moments of new parenthood with a subtle and dignified strength.

 “I loved having Amandine by my side during the birth of our sweet Scout,” said Rose Falcon Atkins of Rod + Rose. “She was a calming yet encouraging and empowering force.” From doula services to childbirth education and newborn therapeutic baths, Bossy’s focus is on personalized care, ensuring that the birthing experience aligns with the preferences and needs of each family.

“Giving birth is such an intimate, vulnerable experience. It’s difficult to find someone you feel comfortable with and trust to be in that sacred space,” said Falcon Adkins. “With Amandine’s help, I was able to have the unmedicated birth I hoped for, and truly, one of the best days of my life.”

Bossy’s unconventional journey to becoming a doula began with a stint in medical school in France. “I was in school to become a midwife and it all seemed so sterile and detached. I took a break to travel and came to the United States as an au pair for a Brentwood family. The people here were so nice and polite, and the countryside was so beautiful. It just felt like home, so I decided to stay and build a life here.”

Bossy soon met her husband, Bart, through a meetup group of French ex pats living in Brentwood, where they’ve maintained longtime friendships and continue bringing French traditions and culture to their new community. Bossy finished her degree in Psychology at Lipscomb University. But the pull to help mothers and babies remained, and as she and her husband started their family, fears for her own birthing experience motivated her to seek less traditional delivery options.

“I didn’t know anything about childbirth in America, and reading about the number of cesarean sections performed here was terrifying. I needed to find an option that allowed me to take some of the power back in my birthing journey.”

After settling on a natural home birth, her midwife and birthing team educated her about the role of doulas, who are not commonly part of the French birthing experience. “It became clear that being a doula was my path as the perfect bridge between midwifery and
psychology, allowing me to get to know the mom, supporting her through her fears, and holding her hand through the most challenging moments of childbirth.”

After the birth of her first child, Bossy formally trained as a doula and committed to bringing modern, research-based care and the latest European practices to new mothers and babies in Franklin and beyond.

From the start of her doula business nearly ten years ago, Mama Moon has grown her services beyond just birthing, offering comprehensive postpartum support including newborn night nursing; a boon for new parents adjusting to the challenges of sleepless nights. Neonatal and pediatric registered nurses help during these tumultuous early childhood stages, offering not just care for newborns but also guidance for parents on feeding, soothing techniques and establishing healthy routines.

“Amandine saved my life and sleep as a first-time mother,” said Kimberly Perry, formerly of The Band Perry. “When I brought my baby boy home, I naively thought I’d be able to rock him to sleep and he’d dream peacefully all night. Obviously, this was not my experience, and I ended up contacting Mama Moon at 3 a.m. to book a night nurse for the rest of the week. I ultimately scheduled night nursing for the remainder of his newborn weeks, and it completely changed the trajectory of my experience as a new mom. They taught me to breastfeed, answered my questions and provided peace of mind as they took care of my baby while I slept.”

While the birthing process can often seem clinical and detached, Bossy is working to change the childbirth narrative by prioritizing emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of both mother and baby. From prenatal classes that delve into various birthing methods to postpartum workshops focusing on nurturing the baby and the mother, Mama Moon fosters a community of informed and empowered parents. 

“Helping new mamas is my purpose. Birth and postpartum are such difficult times. I love to educate, help them prepare, relax them with guided meditations, and then help them sleep and recover postpartum. The feeling that I helped in some way is truly my joy.”
Mama Moon serves not just as a birthing partner but also fosters a community where the miracle of childbirth and parenthood is celebrated, cherished, and honored in all its magical and messy moments.

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