Embracing Local Artistry

Pretty Done’s creative essence and heartfelt universality

Within the vibrant tapestry of local artists in Las Vegas, resides Adam Rellah, an imaginative creator whose artistic flair melds freestyle pop art with an array of mediums. His creative venture, Pretty Done, is an immersive journey into abstract artistry, embracing hand-drawn characters, fonts, and design patterns. Adam's canvas spans beyond traditional paintings, encompassing street murals, custom apparel, and a diverse artistic spectrum.

"Pretty Done is about unleashing the boundless imagination in abstract freestyle pop art," shares Adam. "It's a blend of colors, bold lines, and imaginative visuals that communicate positivity and abstract youthfulness."

The moniker "Pretty Done" encapsulates the perpetual evolution of art, a perpetual quest for artistic expression. Adam elucidates, "Art is never truly 'done.' It's an ongoing exploration, a continuous expansion of creative boundaries."

Championing a motto of "Push and believe, have fun, and love what you do," Adam advocates for a positive, energetic approach, reflecting his art's essence. "Staying positive and sharing your energy and ideas are pivotal in fostering creative growth," he affirms.

Adam's prolific output and evolutionary journey define his reputation. His creations resonate with daily life, music, conversations, and a symphony of elements. "Everyday stimuli—colors, textures, moods, and rhythms—constitute the inspiration behind my art," said Adam.

Embracing the local art scene, Adam cherishes the burgeoning community spirit thriving in the valley. "The awesome community and growth here in Las Vegas are incredible," he said with enthusiasm. "It's a nurturing ground for artists to thrive and evolve."

Additionally, Adam's creative playground extends beyond traditional boundaries. His artistic canvas spans different realms, from canvas paintings to immersive room designs, showcasing an unparalleled artistic versatility. Pretty Done isn't merely an art brand; it's a testament to Adam's boundless creativity and commitment to pushing the envelope of artistic expression.

"Through Pretty Done, I aim to cultivate a visual language that speaks to everyone," Adam says. "Art becomes a conduit for sharing positivity, fun, and meaningful messages in a language that transcends barriers."

For those intrigued by Adam's expressive journey, Pretty Done invites exploration through its website,, and social media platforms under @prettydone. It's an invitation to immerse oneself in a world where art is a perpetual narrative—a symphony of colors, shapes, and emotions crafted by an artist who pours his heart into every stroke.

One distinctive element weaves seamlessly through Adam's diverse creations—heart motifs. "I put my heart into my art every day," he shares. "Hearts are a common shape in my patterns and characters; they symbolize a universal theme—love."

The heart motifs in Adam's art transcend mere symbols; they encapsulate emotions, experiences, and a universal language of affection. "Hearts resonate universally," he adds. "They're a familiar symbol, evoking feelings of love and connection, making them relatable to all."

Adam Rellah

Pretty Done


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