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Embracing Retirement: Family Office Services

Preserving Our Resources is The Best Preparation for the Future

Article by Dane Czaplicki, CFA

Photography by Karin Davison and Evan Mader

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

The Media and Delco Experience

In Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist," we learn that often the greatest treasures lie closest to home. This lesson resonates deeply with the charm and allure of retiring in Media[i], Pennsylvania. Like the journey of Santiago, Media presents a tapestry of experiences and a sense of belonging that makes it a quintessential retirement haven.

Nestled in the heart of Delaware County, Media harmoniously blends historical richness with community warmth and modern conveniences. Its streets, a mosaic of diverse local businesses, each tell a unique story. This isn’t just a place to reside; it’s a community to be a part of, a place where every corner has a narrative, and every face is familiar.

Media's appeal extends beyond its idyllic setting. The town is adorned with a multitude of retirement communities, each offering living options that cater to various preferences. Whether it’s the vibrancy of a bustling community you seek or the tranquility of a serene retreat, Media ensures a match for every taste.

A significant aspect of choosing a retirement destination is ease of access, and here Media shines. Its proximity to the Jersey Shore means picturesque weekend escapes are just a drive away. For those bitten by the wanderlust bug, the convenience of nearby airports and train stations opens the door to endless adventures.

In retirement, healthcare becomes paramount. Media's closeness to renowned medical facilities and universities ensures top-tier healthcare is always within reach. This assurance of quality medical attention provides a sense of security that is priceless.

The town's spirit is further enlivened by its sports culture. Philadelphia's beloved teams, the Phillies and the Eagles, are more than just teams; they are a source of community pride and unity. Attending these games transcends the mere act of watching a sport; it becomes a communal event, a celebration of belonging.

As we delve into the realm of retirement planning, the shift in Media’s residents’ preferences is evident. Moving away from the Gordon Gekko-style "greed is good" mindset, or even a single financial advisor, more and more people in Delaware County seek a more holistic team-based approach to personal financial planning. They favor comprehensive, client-first, fiduciary-driven financial advice, a move from traditional commission-based stock broking and financial advisement to a more inclusive financial planning: Multi-Family Office Services.

Multi-Family office services epitomize this new era in financial planning. For the residents of Media, multi-family office services offer a synchronized approach to managing taxes, estate planning, family objectives, and investments. This model can be helpful to DELCO families, providing a customized strategy that addresses all aspects of financial well-being.

Multi-family office services take a broad and sophisticated approach to wealth management. These services cater to the growing intertwined financial needs of families, offering a wide array of financial planning and advisory solutions. Their goal is to help preserve, grow, and perpetuate family wealth across generations. This includes investment management, estate planning, tax strategies, risk management, and financial education.

The cornerstone of multi-family office services is their holistic perspective. They don’t merely focus on investments or isolated financial transactions; they integrate various financial disciplines into a unified strategy. This approach is deeply rooted in finance, tax, and law, enhanced with behavioral analysis, and is meticulously tailored to each family's distinctive circumstances. This personalized strategy is pivotal in navigating the complexities inherent in managing family wealth.

Investment management in this context transcends the conventional realm of stocks and bonds. It involves the creation of portfolios that align with the family's goals and risk tolerance, while also being optimized for tax efficiency. Strategies such as opportunistic rebalancing and asset location optimization are employed to ensure that investments are situated in the most tax-advantageous accounts.

Risk management, a crucial aspect often overlooked in traditional wealth management, plays a significant role. It's about more than just wealth accumulation; it's about wealth preservation. This involves an exhaustive analysis of potential risks and liabilities, including detailed insurance reviews, asset titling, and creditor protection analysis, all aimed at safeguarding the family's wealth from various unexpected challenges.

The service model of multi-family offices typically includes a team of dedicated financial planners, including: a financial advisor (CFP®), investment research specialist (CFA Charterholder), planning expert with tax and legal expertise (CPA,JD), and a relationship/service manager. Each member fulfills a specific role, from developing the overarching financial plan to conducting in-depth tax and estate document reviews.

Beyond these core services, they often offer additional bespoke services like family governance, charity and philanthropy planning, healthcare and insurance review, and concierge services. These offerings are designed to support the broader lifestyle and legacy objectives of the family, ensuring that their wealth is not just preserved but also utilized in a manner that resonates with their values and aspirations.

In Media, retiring is more than just a change in lifestyle; it's embarking on an enriching journey. It’s about recognizing, akin to Santiago, that our most sought-after treasures might be right where we are. In Media, you not only thrive surrounded by the familiar but are also constantly discovering new facets of life.

Thus, as we contemplate our retirement plans, let’s find inspiration in Santiago’s story. It encourages us to appreciate the beauty and value inherent in our immediate surroundings. Media is not merely a location; it's a living, breathing community waiting to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. It’s an ideal backdrop for starting a new chapter of life. Here, the progressive nature of retirement planning, embodied in multi-family office services, merges with the charm of a community that feels like home. Welcome to Media, where your retirement is not just a phase of life, but a vibrant continuation of living in a community that values each moment and every individual.

Investment advisory services are offered through Members’ Wealth, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.


Media named one of the best places in the U.S. to retire -

A synchronized approach to managing taxes, estate planning, family objectives, and investments.

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