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Embracing Your Inner Silly

Brookhaven author shares a story of inclusion in her first book.

Sally McPheely loves silly. She loves tongue twisters, rhyming stories that make you giggle, and tickle fights. 

As a parent of three, she adores story time and cuddles.

As an illustrator and designer, she works hard to carve out time for her art.

And, as a caring human, Sally believes in equality and embracing one another’s differences.

The Brookhaven resident’s new children’s book, her first, embraces all that makes Sally silly. “The Purple Croc in an Orange Sock,” now out in paperback and hardcover shares a meaningful message of self esteem and kindness. She wrote and illustrated the book from her home office, a large converted closet she cheerfully decorated and claimed as her own. 

Of course, the story is a rhyming tongue twister (making reading more fun for grown-ups and accessible for kids) and the illustrations are adorable. The protagonist is a purple croc who finds a magic clock that he believes transforms him into a more wonderful version of himself. An intrepid new acquaintance helps the purple croc discover and embrace his differences and true self and uncover his self confidence. 

“We live in a world of comparisons and competition,” says Sally. “But it’s our differences that should be celebrated.”

She created the animal characters to be non-binary, approachable and relatable. The color palate is cheerful but soft. “I had so much fun writing the story, finding rhymes that fit and stayed true to the silliness.”

She is working to get the book in the hands of young children and hopes to work with local schools, libraries, book stores and boutiques to carry the book, the first of a series, she says.  For now, find the book on Amazon (and read the glowing reviews). 

Follow Sally’s lead and embrace your silliness! 

Sally, a native of Australia, and her husband Gregg have lived in Brookhaven for 10 years and have three children.