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Empowered Pelvic Health

Take Control of Your Health

Carly Gossard PT, DPT, OCS, PRPC founded Empowered Pelvic Health to provide experienced, compassionate care for women and men experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, postpartum rehabilitation, and orthopedics-related issues. Her team offers highly specialized and personalized care, empowering patients to address and overcome sensitive pelvic health issues while healing more efficiently. The initial evaluations provided by Carly's team last up to 90 minutes to ensure a thorough assessment and to begin an effective treatment plan from day one.

Read on to meet Dr. Carly and see how Empowered Pelvic Health’s patient-centric philosophy enables people to take control of their health and well-being.

What helped you decide to open your practice in Montvale?

I am originally from Harrington Park in the Northern Valley but was always familiar with Pascack Valley. Montvale is a vibrant town that has really grown over the past decade. I was attracted to open my practice there because of its convenience off the Garden State Parkway. It’s also an easy trip for my New York-based patients.

What led you to specialize in pelvic health after earning your doctorate in physical therapy?

My segue into pelvic health was what I would call a “happy accident.” My passion began in orthopedics and amputee rehabilitation; however, during a routine visit, my gynecologist mentioned that she saw a great need for pelvic floor therapists in the area. I decided to pursue and specialize in this type of therapy, and I’ve been inspired ever since, especially knowing this population is seriously underserved.

What symptoms and pain can you address?

Men, women, and children see us for urinary leakage, constipation, pelvic pain, nighttime urination urge or frequency, pediatric bedwetting, and complex orthopedic issues such as chronic low back, tailbone, or hip pain.

Much of our practice is focused on preparing pregnant women for labor and delivery and helping them heal effectively after birth. We also see patients before and after abdominal or pelvic surgeries, including hysterectomy, cesarean section, prostatectomy, hernia, and diastasis recti repair.

It’s incredible to me that patients undergoing knee surgery are prescribed 6-8 weeks of physical therapy to aid in their recovery, while many patients are sent home from the hospital following major abdominal surgery with no physical therapy regimen whatsoever! We're here to support those patients to help them experience a quick and successful recovery. 

What is an example of a typical treatment?

Typical treatments may include manual therapy, stretches, and specific exercises. We will also develop an individualized home program for continued success outside of treatment hours. Pelvic floor therapists are trained in internal vaginal or rectal assessment and treatment, which is the gold standard for treating and assessing the pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, all of our clinicians have a strong foundation in orthopedics because we know that treating the pelvic floor means treating the entire person.

What are your hopes for the future of the practice?

We aim to educate the community on pelvic health so patients can find the care they need and deserve. We want people to know that help is available for these serious (and often very private) issues. You don’t have to live with discomfort, embarrassment, or pain.

We intend to raise the standard of pelvic health and postpartum care. One of the ways we do this is through collaborative relationships with other healthcare professionals such as acupuncturists, mental health therapists, Webster-certified chiropractors, lactation consultants, doulas, sleep consultants, and so on. Our clinicians highly prioritize working as a team rather than in competition with each other. In the end, that’s what’s best for the patient.

“Dr. Carly takes the time every session to listen and consider all aspects of your well-being: physically, emotionally, spiritually.”--Patient Testimony

"I was met with information, compassion, and a belief that every woman deserves to feel strong and healthy post-partum. I wish that services like these were standard of care for all women who go through pregnancy."--Patient Testimony