Empowering Change, The Eco-Friendly Way

With The Good Fill’s Eco-Conscious Entrepreneur, Megan Gill

Caught up in the whirlwind of modern living, Megan Gill, the visionary founder of The Good Fill, found herself at a crossroads after a stint living off the grid in Costa Rica. Having spent 13 years as a hairdresser, Megan felt a growing need to pivot her career, a desire that gained momentum during her time in Central America. Living on a palm plantation opened her eyes to a whole new world and triggered a profound realization about the environmental impact of our daily choices, inspiring her to find a solution that supports sustainability and waste reduction.

Witnessing the palm and banana farm workers prepare products for export, yet still struggle to provide food for their families despite their hard work and long hours, heightened Megan's awareness of the profound impact our purchasing habits have on individuals and communities globally. This became the catalyst for her determination to make a difference. "We live in a throwaway culture," she says. Shocked by the staggering amount of plastic waste, Megan founded The Good Fill with a mission to help throw away wasteful thinking by providing alternatives to the disposable items we use every day.

Encouraging conscious consumption, The Good Fill prompts customers to rethink choices in a culture dominated by disposability. Megan sheds light on the environmental impact of packaged products, like liquid laundry detergent, often consisting of 70-80 percent water. The Good Fill offers concentrates, powders, and a user-friendly process, including the option to purchase pre-filled bottles, refilling customer’s personal bottles, or using recyclable pouches. Products are sold by the ounce and weighed before filling. In a short time, The Good Fill has become a haven for eco-friendly sustainable products, saving an impressive 176,000 plastic containers from landfills.

Despite the initial challenges of balancing motherhood, hairstyling, and entrepreneurship, The Good Fill online store flourished, gaining momentum through word of mouth, culminating in the opening of its first physical location in East Nashville in 2019. The pandemic marked a turning point, propelling The Good Fill to a larger space in 2020 and opening a second location in The Nations in West Nashville in 2021. "I thought this was a dream that would never come true. I was shocked when it took off," Megan says.

Offering a treasure trove of eco-friendly sustainable products from cleaning sprays, hand and dish soap, laundry detergent, room sprays, glass cleaner, and bath salts, to shampoos and conditioners and more, each of the products at The Good Fill is
meticulously crafted with sustainable, clean ingredients. Megan's studies in cosmetic formulation and ingredient analysis ensures that each product is not only environmentally friendly but also effective. The emphasis on zero waste also extends to packaging, which can be reconditioned, recycled, or reused. Megan ensures sustainability in the manufacturing process as well. Additionally, she collaborates exclusively with partners who adhere to certified fair wage and fair labor practices.

Established partnerships with like-minded brands offering refill services is one way The Good Fill is helping to reduce waste in the broader consumer goods industry. Many of the products are produced locally or made in-house. As The Good Fill continues to
evolve, Megan's vision includes expanding in-house production to reduce her environmental footprint further. Emphasizing the belief that each person can make a meaningful impact through thoughtful consumption, Megan and her team are dedicated to educating customers on composting, recycling, and eco-friendly alternatives.

“The Good Fill is not just a shop to help you go zero waste but also an invitation to live in a way that is more thoughtful, healthy, and responsible,” adds Megan. It is the power of small steps and conscious choices needed to create a sustainable future. By offering
alternatives to mainstream purchases, The Good Fill serves as an inspiration for others to reconsider their consumption habits, reminding us that even seemingly small actions can contribute to a more environmentally conscious, sustainable, and socially
responsible world. TheGoodFill.co

“The Good Fill is not just a shop to help you go zero waste but also an invitation to live in a way that is more thoughtful, healthy, and responsible.”

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