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Sydney Fulton

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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Girls With Impact Unveils Inspiring Series Featuring Rising Stars in Business and Beyond

Girls With Impact, founded by Greenwich resident Jennifer Openshaw, is on a mission to empower young women with the essential skills, tools, and networks needed to thrive in the world of business and beyond. As a local nonprofit based in Greenwich, Girls With Impact is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the next generation of female leaders. We are thrilled to announce an exciting new series that will showcase and celebrate the inspiring stories of girls who are reaping the benefits of this impactful program, highlighting their achievements and the positive impact they are making in their communities. Join us in championing these young trailblazers throughout 2024 as they embark on their journeys toward success and leadership.

Sydney Fulton, 20 

Hometown: Windsor, CT 

Studying at Howard University

GL: What did you end up focusing on after the Girls with Impact program?

SF: Although I didn’t finish out the venture I designed and created with Girls With Impact, I was able to create another one. My venture is called HUE Corp and I created this program during my senior year of high school. HUE Corp focuses on the upliftment and empowerment of young black girls throughout the matriculation of their high school careers. It teaches them to rise above all of life's challenges that they face because of who they are and be their true unapologetic selves.

GL: Are there aspects of the program that you found particularly challenging or rewarding?

SY: Growing up I have always been shy. I grew up very creative with many ideas and ways of thinking. Girls with Impact challenged me by stepping out of my comfort zone and pitching to people something that was important to me at the time, which was fluffy headbands. It is rewarding to this day because being challenged to speak on my passions plays a partial role in why I can easily voice what I care about, what I am passionate about, and overall explain to others the importance of my words and what I have to say.

GL: How has Girls with Impact helped you personally or professionally?

SY: Girls with Impact impacted me professionally because it was my first look into being an entrepreneur. It exposed me to what it takes to run a business and what knowledge needed to know. It also pushed me to imagine things for myself that I didn’t believe I would like had I not been a part of the program. 

  • Sydney Fulton