Empowering Youth Through Martial Arts

MAC Las Vegas Taekwondo builds confidence, discipline, and focus

When it comes to martial arts training in South Vegas, MAC Las Vegas Taekwondo stands out as a premier destination for children and teenagers seeking to develop essential life skills. Founded by Grand Master Jaesung Yoon in 2016, MAC Las Vegas continues to thrive under the guidance of its dedicated Owner and Headmaster, Glenn "Cody" Smith. South Vegas City Lifestyle had the opportunity to ask Master Cody some questions to learn more about the services offered at MAC and the transformative impact Taekwondo can have on the lives of young individuals.

MAC Las Vegas Taekwondo provides a World Taekwondo Platform or Kukkiwon-based instruction, catering to students of all ages. With martial arts classes for youth, teenagers, and adults, MAC offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to meet the diverse needs of its members. Additionally, the academy organizes premier demonstration and fitness classes, ensuring there is something for everyone.

When asked about the benefits of Taekwondo for youth, Master Cody enthusiastically shared, "The benefits are endless for the youth. For most of my students, it has made them disciplined in their approach to their daily lives, where they have seen success outside of martial arts." Taekwondo fosters discipline, self-confidence, and focus, crucial skills that are indispensable for teenagers and children as they navigate life's challenges.

Cody emphasizes that Taekwondo is available for individuals of all ages, stating, "All ages are suitable for Taekwondo training. The best age groups range from 4 to 70 years of age." This inclusivity allows families to train together, fostering a supportive environment and encouraging the pursuit of physical and mental well-being as a team.

When asked about success stories, Master Cody modestly acknowledged that all of his students, particularly the black belts, have achieved remarkable feats. However, he highlighted Jamie Kim as an exceptional example. "Jamie is driven and self-motivated. Not only is she an excellent martial artist, but she is also a great example of a leader others can look up to. Jamie recently was promoted to third degree and is becoming a great instructor!"

MAC Las Vegas Taekwondo also actively participates in various events and tournaments. While there are numerous national tournaments dedicated to Taekwondo, MAC's involvement extends beyond the competition arena. Master Cody and his students perform at local festivals and schools, showcasing their skills and demonstrating their dedication to continuous improvement.

In closing, Cody shared a personal reflection: "From someone who has been doing martial arts since they were four years of age to now, the benefits for myself have helped personally and professionally. My hope is to see my students go on to great things." With his passion for martial arts and commitment to his students' growth, Master Cody is undoubtedly making a positive impact on the lives of all who walk through the doors of MAC Las Vegas Taekwondo.

Whether it is developing self-confidence, instilling discipline, or honing focus, MAC Las Vegas Taekwondo provides an environment where youth can flourish. Through the guidance of experienced instructors like Master Cody, children and teenagers in South Vegas are given the opportunity to unlock their full potential, preparing them to face life's challenges head-on and achieve greatness.

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