Super Mom

A Mom Who Emulates Greatness

The term “supermom” has been frowned upon lately because it has been transformed from a woman who models wisdom, dignity and success to seen as unobtainable by those who may feel unsure of their own inner strengths. The truth is, we all can be an example of hard work and devotion to a purpose or calling on the inside, no matter what the downward spiral of comparison proclaims. Each of us has a unique variety of gifts and talents, some already perfected, and others waiting to be awakened and explored. Fear, or a toxic mindset, may get in the way of moving forward in these skills, hindering our daily achievements, but the victory comes when we turn the negative self-talk around and start over. Each day is a gift, and a new opportunity to start fresh in all areas of life.

As we look toward the new year, many of us set goals or make new year’s resolutions with hope for a change, but without a plan to alter our character habits in how we think, feel and behave. A few weeks pass without results, so we give up and fall back into the comfort of mediocracy without realizing how close we were to developing the habits that need to be instilled in us before we conquer our goals. What we do consistently every day for the long run is what will help us achieve our ultimate desires and align us with the purpose of our life. For example, if we want to be a mom who emulates greatness to our kids, we show up every day with a spirit of love, peace and joy, while we stand alongside our husbands in support and encouragement as a loyal wife. We provide a home filled with warmth and comfort, while we approach our businesses or career with confidence and resilience. In our relationships, we empathetically listen with honesty and trustworthiness. When we commit to something, we follow through on our word with determination, while being understanding to those around us. We remain steadfast and focused day after day without fail.  

Lorean Justman

Holistic Health Practitioner | Business Owner | Homeschool Mom | Proverbs 31 Woman

Lorean Justman has been empowering women since 2007 after her mom passed away from breast cancer. She is dedicated to encouraging moms who have experienced trauma or are looking for direction. As a business owner, she helps women feel confident through athleisure clothing, while walking alongside moms as a homeschool enthusiast. Contact Lorean on Instagram @lorean.prov31 or shop her online boutique. Savvi.com/LoreanJustman

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