Enhance your life with the power of vision boards

Greenwich Lifestyle spoke with motivational speaker Christine Mulhearne about the best personal development tools

Christine Mulhearne is a motivational speaker and instructor who strives to help individuals improve their lives through personal development tools like vision boards and manifesting. We spoke with Christine to find out how the power of utilizing vision boards will help improve your life, the techniques she suggests to increasing the quality of living and how to utilize these tools everyday with intention.

GL: Can you tell us a little bit yourself and what you do? 
CM: I am a Motivational Speaker and Instructor focused on helping women build the best version of
themselves by becoming their own cheerleader. I’ve taken my 20 years of Media Sales
experience, plus the 13 years of lessons and wisdom that I learned from Oprah Winfrey as her
Ad Style Director at O, The Oprah Magazine, and combined them with all my experiences of
life’s twists and turns.
During my 13 years at O, I was driving revenue by selling our “live your best life” mission to
clients. Although I was breaking records, I was also breaking down. I realized that the motto I
was pushing out to advertisers shouldn’t just apply to my job, but to also my personal life. The
signs were there but I wasn’t ready to read them – even when they were the size of a billboard.
As hard as it was to admit, I need an overhaul on my life to actually LIVE the best of it!
Finally accepting that I needed a change, I didn’t what ever New Yorker does: leave New
York. When I moved out in 2020, I was divorced, living through a pandemic like everyone
else, working from home while being a home-school teacher and about to be jobless when
we’d find out O Magazine was folding for good.
In September of 2020, I sold my house in New York, James and I moved to Old Greenwich.
When I got the call a few months later that O Magazine was officially closing their doors, I
could see that my new career path was unfolding in front of my eyes. 
Now, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and enthusiasm with
companies and individuals who see that the biggest gift they could ever give themselves, is
to become the best version of themselves by being their own cheerleader.

GL: What makes your vision boards unique?
CM: The most unique piece of my vision board is that I have put a picture of myself in each one of
the goals and dreams that I have. I learned a long time ago, that looking at a picture of someone else in really great shape, didn’t motivate me to lose the weight I wanted. So, I took
down the pictures of Britney Spears (and her sensational abs) and replaced them with photos of
myself when I was happy with how I looked. Important to note that it wasn’t just the way I
looked, the number on the scale, but the smile on my face, the happiness I had when I was
looking and feeling a way that I was happy with. 
My board is unique because it is covered in quotes! Words are my love language and
seeing an inspirational quote pumps me up. Vision Boards work! As I was just reminded again when I was asked to be a Guest on Oprah’s Vision Board Workshop on OprahDaily.com. I had put a picture of myself and Drew Barrymore together because I want to be a guest on her TV show this year. And guess who surprised me and showed up? Drew Barrymore! 
Action Item for you:
If one of your goals or intentions for the New Year is to exercise more, than take a picture of
yourself the next time you go to the gym. In your favorite work out gear, sneakers, head phones
in and a huge smile. Print that picture out and put it on your board, refrigerator, mirror or at
your desk. Someplace where you will look at that picture everyday and think, look at me
working out and loving it! And that will motivate you and inspire you to keep going!
If one of your resolutions is to have more date nights, spend more time with or re-connect with
your spouse. Go through all of your old photos of you two together and take the ones that
make you the most happiest, the most loved – college days, your wedding photos, when you
bought your first house! All of these photos will immediately make you feel happy and loved, put
them on your Vision Board to inspire you every day.

GL: What is something you want to tell readers about the vision board process for those
who haven’t done it before?  

CM: I see Vision Boards as pictures of moments that just haven’t happened yet but will!
After the past two years of uncertainness, uneasiness and one challenge after the next, it is time to take control, of what you can, in your life. And that all starts with creating a Vision. Creating the a board is the easy part. It’s answering the question, “what does the life I REALLY want to be living look like” that can be a little tough. Not actually knowing what you want is what stops most people from
making a Vision Board or allows them to think that they don’t work or its not worth their time.

Action Item for you:
If you’re not exactly sure what you want – ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How do I want to feel in 2022? What emotions do I want to feel more of this year? Joy, excitement, passion, purpose, confidence, calmness, peacefulness?
  • What successful habits have you created this year that you can continue with and bring into 2022? Exercising regularly, eating healthier, creating a better work/life balance, focusing on my side hustle.
  • What can I let go of and release that will help me live a happier year? Opinions of other people, debt and money choices that are keeping me stuck, unhealthy eating habits that I cant seem to break.

I would want to tell people to get excited because this is one of the best gifts you can give
yourself! The gift of focusing on your own happiness, your greatest goals, your biggest dreams.
And believing in those dreams so much that you write them down and post them up for you to
look at daily. And then prepare to receive all that happiness, joy, excitement, success and love
come into your life. 

GL: Can you explain the importance of vision boarding and its benefits? 
CM: As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.
So many of us have stopped imagining what our lives could look like and started living the life
that was showing up.” We have stopped imaging our lives filled with all the things we really want; the house, the job, the family, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the joy, the health the business. We have gotten so busy trying to keep our heads above water that we just give in to what’s right in front of us. Or, we have simply lost hope that the life we really want, is just not possible for us.
I am here to remind you that the very best is yet to come. Hear me when I say that you can
create the life you want and the person that you want to be. Its not too late, its not too hard
and it is absolutely within your reach. Vision Boards are your goals, dreams and intentions and
they deserve to be paid attention to and focused on every single day. That’s why you create a
Vision Board, to give yourself pictures of what your life is going to look like in the future. 
If you want a certain lifestyle, car, house, job, relationship, feeling, or sense of purpose, you
must decide you want it, believe that you deserve it and believe you are going to have it. A
vision board reminds you of all of those intentions and goals by using pictures to inspire you
every day.

Action Item for you: 
Think of a Vision Board as your ideal Instagram feed. You wake up in the morning, open your
phone and scroll through one amazing image after the next. Its like the algorithm knows you
perfectly, each picture is exactly what you want your life to be filled with. As you keep scrolling,
your heart is pounding with excitement and happiness because everything you are seeing is
exactly what you want in life! What would you want to scroll through on this feed?

GL: Tell us a little bit about the services you provide. 
CM: My services encourage, motivate and teach people How To Build The Best You by Being Your
Own Cheerleader. I offer Motivational and Keynote Speaking on both of these topics. As well as
an instructor teaching classes and trainings for both individuals and corporations based on that
mission. We are meeting this moment in time because companies now understand that when their staff is encouraged to focus on being their best self, that results in employees who will deliver
increased productivity, revenue and less turn over and employees who want to contribute in a
bigger way and have more purpose and passion.
Classes Include:
1. Goal Setting: Steps on how to become the best version of yourself: When we improve,
our life improves – personally and professionally. How to set goals that create the best
you that you can bring to your job and career.
2. Know Your Worth and THEN negotiate the deal or salary: If you don’t know your
worth, you will sell and settle for less.
3. Life is happening FOR you not TO you: Knowing that every setback, difficulty or
disappointment is just redirecting you back to the path that is meant for you. Lessons
in how to stay motivated and encouraged in your job and career while enduring and
embracing the challenging moments.

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