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Learn about local periodontist Dr. Traynor and the importance of gum health

Dr. EJ Traynor of Traynor Periodontics & Implants (Also known as tP&i) is a premier periodontist based out of Greenwich, and serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Practicing for over 28 years, she specializes in the treatment of periodontal disease and surgical placement of dental implants. Through her practice, Dr. Traynor wants to raise awareness about periodontal disease, a silent disease that can have serious consequences.

Greenwich Lifestyle caught up with the successful dentist to learn more about the importance of gum health as we enter the season of spring.

GL: Tell us a little bit about what Periodontists do at your office.

ET: Periodontists are the dental specialists in saving your teeth and bringing you back to oral health. Dr. Traynor and her team are able to treat any infection and regenerating bone and gum tissue that is lost from the destruction of disease. The options are non-surgical and surgical treatment of periodontal disease.  Laser Periodontal Treatment (LANAP) also allows for the treatment and regeneration of lost structures. This is a virtually painless treatment to save your teeth. 

GL What is the importance of keeping your gums healthy?

ET: It is important to treat gum recession, something that 85% of Americans have gum recession. Gum recession leads to bone loss around the tooth and eventual tooth loss. Most people think that because gum recession is not painful that it is not necessary to treat.  However, periodontal research shows that gum recession will continue to increase 99.9% of the time.  If you have gum recession you have bone loss. The bone loss will continue until the tooth becomes loose and falls out. I am able to treat gum recession and regenerate the lost gum tissue in order for you to keep your teeth longer.

A gummy smile can cause people to be self-conscious about their smile. Especially in the days of social media when a picture says a thousand words. A gummy smile is when the teeth appear short and square and there is excessive gum display when smiling. One of the reasons this occurs is because the gum is covering most of the tooth.  I can do a gum lift procedure which will show the beautiful natural teeth for a permanent result.  It is amazing how one procedure can change someone's life and how they feel about themselves.

GL: What information can you provide about implants?

Implants have become a part of everyday life.  Implants are a great replacement to natural teeth.  Patients can replace one or more of their teeth with a natural, healthy solution.  Patients that are in dentures are not comfortable eating nor are they getting the nutrition they need. Implant supported teeth can make a huge difference in health and longevity of the patient.  Most often the patient can leave with implants and new teeth in the same day. Technology helps me be a better periodontist.  I use computer guided navigation to place implants in the ideal location for the general dentist to place the most aesthetic tooth replacement.

GL: What is one unique aspect about Traynor Periodontics & Implants?

ET: Technology has created amazing changes in dentistry.  Allowing me to bring my patients to oral health with minimal discomfort. With the latest technology in my office, I can use real time computer navigation to place the implant as accurately as possible. As a periodontist, placing implants in the most optimal place, while you are in the best possible dental health is important. That being said 38-50% of implants develop periodontal disease. Inflammation and bone loss around the implants which if left untreated will result in failure of the implant.

Regular xrays and periodontal exams help to identify sick implants.  With laser, periodontal treatment implants can be saved.  Bone can be regenerated where the disease took the bone around the implants.

GL: What is the connection between gum disease and heart disease?

ET: There is a tremendous amount of research, especially over the last 30 years, that indicates periodontal disease as a precursor to heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  Periodontal disease, if left untreated, can increase the risk for a heart attack or stroke by 50%.  It is also linked to Alzheimer's, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, pre-term labor and still births. 

Periodontal disease is an infection of the facial bones and supporting tissue that holds the teeth in the mouth.  Left untreated, it has a far-reaching effect on the human body.

"74%- 85% of the United States suffer from some degree of periodontal disease."

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