Enjoy The VanLife As You Travel 

Do you ever wish you could try out the van life without having to do the renovating and refurbishment? Well let me tell you something, you can! Husband and wife duo, Spencer and Sarah Martin, had a dream to take trips in a refurbished van so they could see lots of the places with having the flexibility of their own schedule and housing being taken care of every time they arrived. 

With every van or trailer you rent, you can choose from many options on their website, from teardrop trailers to an entire van, you can find the perfect combination and set up for your group. With the renovations taking place in Kansas City by Vandoit and Campinawe, you are not only living your dream van life, you are supporting local businesses as well. What began in 2020 as a small business has grown, and now they are booking up and helping others enjoy the VanLife without the hassle. 

You may be thinking that Vanlife is only for summer, but they have a lot of interest in the fall and winter as well! Want to escape the hustle and bustle, rent a camper and take a trip to Colorado?  

You may be wondering, “ I have no camping experience. Where would I even start?” Well, Spencer has already thought of that, and in the next couple of weeks, they will be posting a blog series on their websites of great places to camp, what to see and how to book. Exhale  and let an experienced person do the work for you, so you don’t have to figure out how to make your dream vacation come true logistically. The first series will start with destinations within 2 hours of Kansas City and continue to grow from there, so stay tuned. 

For the experienced camper, you can bring whatever gear you own, so you can feel more at home. If you don’t have something, they do, and you can request it when you book with them. 

Use the  hashtag #campingandsocialdistancing and join the Vanlife movement. Find them at VanLifeKC.com and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @VanLifeKC

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