Enjoy The Beauty Of The Undersea World Without Leaving Home

Hendersonville-Based Retailer Is The Ocean-Friendly Destination For All Things Aquatic

When it comes to scenic splendor, there’s nothing quite like the ocean. From majestic breaking waves to blue water sparkling under a crimson evening sunset, the sea is filled with endless natural beauty.

However, the real allure of the ocean lies far beneath the surface. Hidden below layers of aquamarine brine, lies an undersea world, teeming with an incredible diversity of marine life.

Unfortunately, the incredible beauty of the exotic animals and plants of the sea’s subsurface world has long been hidden from most of us, unless we are diving or snorkeling enthusiasts.

Fortuitously, the arrival of affordable saltwater aquariums changed that situation.

For decades, saltwater aquariums have brought the wonder of the undersea world to thousands of homes and businesses. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, these self-contained biospheres provide a perfect way to experience ocean life up close, without having to take an expensive trip to the coast.

While establishing a saltwater aquarium is not a particularly complicated process, it is not as simple as setting up a freshwater tank. Maintaining the correct temperature, chemical and salinity balance of the aquatic environment is critical to the long-term health and viability of the resident sea life. As such, it is best to seek the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced aquatics professional before establishing a personal saltwater ecosystem.

Fortunately for Hendersonville area residents, James Brumit and his team at 7 Seas Aquatics are ready to help you with all of your aquarium and water life needs.

Located on Hendersonville’s west side, 7 Seas is a full-service aquatics retailer that offers a full range of saltwater, freshwater and pond products and services.

“We are a one-stop destination business for all-things aquatics, including aquariums, water life, equipment and supplies” says James. “We also provide a full complement of professional assistance, including pre-purchase consultation, onsite tank setup and ongoing aquarium maintenance.”

While there are other aquatics dealers around the country, 7 Seas differentiates itself based upon its expertise and customer service.

“We have been serving the Hendersonville consumer and business community since 2014,” says James. “Collectively, our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in establishing and maintaining aquatic environments.”

At 7 Seas, no job is too small or too large, with projects ranging from tanks holding just a few gallons up to large commercial installations with capacities of 400 gallons or more.

“We can handle anything from small, off-the-shelf retail units for beginners up to custom-built, top-of-the-line aquariums for our larger customers,” says James. “Regardless of the need, if a customer can dream it, we can build it.”

Set up and population times for new aquariums vary significantly due to size and complexity. However, most installations can be completed in a few weeks of learning, planning and component sourcing.

Aquarium installation and maintenance pricing is also variable depending upon customer requirements.

“Key cost factors include tank sizes, support equipment, customization and type of aquatic environment,” says James. “The bottom line is, the better the system is designed and installed, the less maintenance costs will be over time.”

One of the most popular services offered by 7 Seas is routine aquarium maintenance. Customers who take advantage of this arrangement find that they are able to enjoy their aquariums more by spending less time taking care of the ecosystem.

“We have a large number of consumer and business customers on maintenance agreements,” says James. “Most of our clients receive biweekly support visits, while larger installations require more frequent servicing. Maintenance pricing begins at $1 per gallon per visit, with additional fees possible due to complexity and service minimums.”

Another unique aspect of 7 Seas is its expertise in marine corals.

“When I began working with brine aquariums, I was only interested in exotic fish. However, it didn’t long before corals took centerstage as I gained a deeper understanding of the saltwater ecosystem,” says James. “The colors, variety, complexity and details of these animals still astonish me after all these years. They provide the perfect complement to any saltwater environment.”

Thanks to regular reporting by environmental researchers, it is widely known that corals and coral reefs are endangered species. In recognition of this fact, James goes out of his way to sustainably source the coral life sold in his store.

“At 7 Seas, we take a responsible approach to obtaining the corals that we sell. Our aim is to provide as much aquacultured (farm raised) coral to our customers as possible,” says James. “In fact, we have our own local coral farm currently in development.”

The 7 Seas commitment to ocean environmental awareness goes beyond sustainable coral harvesting.

“We are focused on doing what we can from Hendersonville to have a positive impact on the environment,” says James. “From customer education to reselling ecologically friendly products such as 4ocean™ bracelets, 7 Seas is committed to helping protect our world.”

With its experienced staff, industry expertise and convenient location in the City by the Lake, aquarium enthusiasts need to look no further than 7 Seas Aquatics.

7 Seas Aquatics, LLC

919 West Main St., Suite L2,

Hendersonville, TN 37075


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