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Spa treatments that make you feel and look your best

When we feel good mentally, it manifests in the way we carry ourselves and how we view the world. Taking care of our bodies and looking our best is not an indulgence – it’s a necessity.

While visiting a medical doctor takes care of our physical health, visiting a medical spa can do wonders for our mental health and wellbeing.  “It's not just coming in for one thing,” says Cris Morin, who, along with her husband Tom, owns Enriched Aesthetics in Morristown. “It’s taking time for yourself and feeling good and confident when you walk out the door.”

Adds Tom, “You may come in saying ‘I would like to reduce wrinkles or I would like to lose weight, or to tone my body. Once these procedures are done, you leave with a huge smile on your face. To me, that's where the wellness part comes in.”

At Enriched Aesthetics, there are plenty of services that make clients feel and look great. These include semaglutide for weight loss, body contouring, Botox®, fillers, and HydraFacials®.

Clients can trust that these procedures and treatments will be done safely and correctly.  “We don’t veer from our scope of practice,” says Cris, who was an emergency room nurse for over 30 years and has been a board-certified nurse practitioner since 2018. She also holds a specific board certification in aesthetics. Enriched Aesthetics now employs an esthetician who is also board certified in her field. “We continually educate ourselves in the ever-changing aesthetic industry.”

Enriched Aesthetics offers memberships so clients can come in monthly and take advantage of all that it offers. “The options are endless with the membership,” she says. “One month they can get a facial, the next they can do some body contouring, and later possibly try laser hair reduction. The memberships give clients an opportunity to try something that maybe they never did before, and it broadens their horizons regarding overall health and wellness aspect of just taking care of themselves.”

“The environment that we built here is warm, calm and soothing, not medicinal,” says Tom. “We have music playing and candles burning. We don't rush people in and out. Our consultations are one hour. At Enriched Aesthetics, our goal is to spend this time helping you enrich your natural beauty, so you may age gracefully.”

Every treatment is customized for each client. Every client goes through a skin analysis using the GLIMPSE Professional Skin Evaluator, which the med spa recently acquired. GLIMPSE Professional Skin Evaluator, as stated on its website, is the world's first LED skin analyzer with four distinct light sources, delivers high-resolution images and in-depth analysis in seconds.  These light sources provide in-depth measurements for ten top skin concerns including pores, melanin, skin tone, wrinkles, and more. “This camera has been very beneficial, allowing us to customize our treatments,” says Cris.

“We then have this baseline assessment, and after we do a treatment, it's even more impressive when we do the GLIMPSE camera again and then compare before and after.”

This skin analysis is complimentary during every consultation. “We also spend time reviewing skincare products clients use at home,” she says. “They often have many different products in which they often don’t really know how they work, so we really simplify them. This simplified protocol is going to result in clients utilizing them and staying compliant.”

For Valentine’s Day, the med spa plans to offer some special promotions, especially for couples. “Our body contour machine can accommodate two people at a time, so it’s a perfect opportunity for a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend to do a treatment together,” says Cris.

“There are so many things men can do in a med spa,” says Tom. “Laser hair reduction is a big one. We all get tired of shaving on a regular basis. There’s also body contouring and weight loss - we have many male clients who come in to lose weight because it's hard to get rid of that belly fat. We also have male clients doing microneedling and Botox.”

“We make it comfortable for men,” says Cris. “The color scheme is not girly, but offers elegant blue and gray colors.”

Its Valentine’s Day specials and other promotions which will be included on its app. “At Enriched Aesthetics, we offer a VIP app, and within that app is our marketplace where all our procedures, descriptions, and pricing are easily viewable at your convenience,” she says.

Many clients call Enriched Aesthetics their happy place. “It makes us feel good when Cris finishes a procedure and the clients look in the mirror and they have this huge smile on their face,” says Tom. “To me, that's what it's all about.

Go to EnrichedAesthetics.com, schedule an appointment, and find your happiness.

“Here, people are so relaxed,” says Tom.

“When clients refer a friend or family member to us, that’s very rewarding,” says Cris.

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