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Escape the Rabbit Hole Scroll

Get your eyes off the screen and on real life.

Move – Take an exercise break or a brisk walk--bonus points if you invite a dog along. Since the inactivity that accompanies aimless scrolling can lead to weight gain, you might even lose a pound or two.

Be Creative – Start a journal, write stories about your life to pass on to children or grandchildren, relax with an adult coloring book, or give new life to a thrift store find or family heirloom. Being creative can boost mood and self-esteem while scrolling has the opposite effect. 

Improve Your Surroundings – Pick a spot to declutter, clean or decorate. Whether you’ve got five minutes or an hour, do what you can and stop. Unlike scrolling, you can enjoy something you accomplished.

Learn Something New – Study a topic that interests you, learn to play a musical instrument, or learn to paint or crochet. Practicing a skill gives your hands something positive to do instead of scrolling. 

Be Present – Wherever you are, put down the phone. Daydream, stare into space, or simply engage your senses. Savor the sights, smells, and sounds.  You might find that the panoramic screen of life trumps the small screen any day.