Ethan Maddox Clothing

Q&A with Founder Nathan Sprague

Who is the person behind the Ethan Maddox brand? Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m originally from Central Missouri and have lived in Kansas City for the past seven years. My wife, Heather, and I currently reside in Olathe. My background is in engineering and power marketing, but I’ve been a lifelong lover of golf, and I still enjoy playing regularly with friends, along with a few competitive events throughout the year.

Tell us a little bit about how Ethan Maddox got its start.

Growing up playing competitive golf in the mid-to-late ‘90s, I was extremely underwhelmed at the options for golf apparel. I was never satisfied wearing double-pleated cotton shorts, and with the help of my amazingly talented mother would shop local department stores for pairs of suit pants that I liked. My mother would then cut and hem them into shorts at the length I wanted to achieve the look I was going for.

Golf apparel has come a long way since then, but I still felt the desire to create my own brand of better-fitting golf apparel. I launched Ethan Maddox in late 2016 with casual golf-themed apparel. After meeting Kerry Duffin at The Garment Factory here in KC, I decided to take the plunge and develop our own private label of shorts and polo shirts. We have been developing products ever since.

What can people expect in an Ethan Maddox product? What are your brand standards that make you stand out?

Our brand has several distinguishing features. Above all other brands, we are one of only a couple who manufacture their apparel in the United States. We source all components of our apparel from within the U.S. -- even weaving our fabric from scratch at a mill in Ohio -- and take great pride in manufacturing everything here in Kansas City at The Garment Factory.  

Secondly, we utilize the highest quality, state-of-the-art fabrics available today. At its core, Ethan Maddox apparel is meant for the golf course, so we use fabrics that will look great, keep you cool, and provide you with the necessary range of motion required to execute great shots.    

Finally, our fit. We didn’t want Ethan Maddox to fit like every other big-box brand to appease the masses. Our fit features a modern, athletic cut that is slimmer than traditional fits, but not necessarily what we describe as “slim.”  We feel it provides a nice happy medium.

What is important to you in design? 

Fit is our number one design priority. We source the highest quality materials that go into our apparel, but fit is our key focus in the design process. I’m a firm believer that looking great breeds confidence and yields better golf. We want our customers to love our fit so much that they’re overcome with confidence and give themselves the best opportunity to play great and enjoy their time on the golf course.

Where can our readers find your products? 

You can shop our full line of apparel at EthanMaddox.com. We offer free shipping and free returns, so you have nothing to lose in giving our products a try!

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