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Event Spaces that Inspire

Steve Beaumont is the visionary and owner behind Chateau Avalon Hotel, Avent Orangery, and The Mint, three distinct destinations for unforgettable experiences. Beaumont's entry into development dates back to 1994, marked by a desire to craft spaces that bring people together. His first venture, WestGlen Entertainment Center in Shawnee, was the first center in Kansas City where a movie theater was the anchor, complemented by restaurants and entertainment, which set the stage for his future projects.

In 1998, the birth of his second child prompted a shift in focus toward creating a space for couples seeking a romantic getaway. This vision materialized into Chateau Avalon, blending the charm of a bed and breakfast with the allure of Las Vegas. The theme rooms became a unique signature, offering guests an extraordinary and personalized experience.

The idea for the Avent Orangery was in the original drawings of Chateau Avalon, an event hall labeled as a “conservatory."

“Almost all of the event and wedding destinations in the area fall into three categories: barn, brick or industrial building conversion (usually urban core), or hotel ballroom. There needed to be a market disruptor, a space and structure that stood out from the crowd.”

It wasn't until January 2020 that Beaumont brought this vision to life. Completed in late 2020, it faced delays due to the pandemic but finally opened its doors in 2022, offering a European fairytale setting for weddings and events unlike any other in Kansas City.

“With much research, I found my favorite European structure was called an orangery—a term that comes from orange. Since the 18th century, citrus fruit has been a sought after commodity, however, their climate could not accommodate them.  With enough wealth, one could create a glass structure that is open in the spring and summer and then closed in winter to keep the fruit trees alive. Quickly this became the symbol of wealth, power and status all over Europe. With the largest chateau in the region, it was only fitting that the Chateau Avalon has the largest orangery constructed for 600 miles.”

With the success of Avent Orangery, Beaumont embarked on a new venture in the heart of suburbia, The Mint. Housed in a former Bank of America building, The Mint seamlessly blends finance history with a contemporary event space.

The names of Steve's venues carry special significance. Avent Orangery combines "A" from Avalon with "event" reflecting the venue's ties to Chateau Avalon and its unique event offerings. On the other hand, The Mint was a serendipitous discovery, inspired by the architectural resemblance to iconic U.S. Mints found through a Google search. The name change sparked a cascade of creative ideas and design elements that uniquely characterize the venue.

“We designed a space that utilizes the giant bank vault’s 6,000 pound door to the new bar. The safe deposit boxes were retained for thematic elements and even some of the safes have been revitalized and put on display. The six lane drive thru is being enclosed to create The Benjamin Room—this larger ballroom on the west side will be the ceremony area and later becomes the dance ballroom.  Inside the main structure, over 18,000 square feet of former bank space is dedicated to a banquet hall, multiple bars, two lounges, a catering area, bridal quarters, groom lounge and even an underground outdoor cigar bunker for the groom and his groomsmen.
“Unique amenities include a secret door for the bride and groom to suddenly appear in the middle of the crowd, Vegas-inspired ceiling lighting to customize the environment, and even the first Opti-Mist fireplace in KC. This fireplace is a flame hologram broadcast onto ionized water vapor that looks so real people are afraid to touch it.

“My goal is to exceed the amenities of literally every other event venue in KC. We created a spreadsheet of all the top venues and The Mint would meet or beat everyone else in every category possible, with over 20,000 total square footage of space, an outside courtyard, separate event space and banquet hall, four room bridal quarters, custom groom room, the only arcade in an event space in the region, custom overhead LED lighting, frame TV’s for custom art displays, private catering prep room, a huge parking lot, ability to live stream events, secret door entry, and even a bar and lounge inside a huge bank vault.”

Beaumont's journey is not just about creating spaces—it’s about crafting destinations that inspire emotion and foster connections. With Chateau Avalon Hotel, Avent Orangery, and The Mint, he has left an indelible mark on Kansas City's event landscape, offering unparalleled experiences that transcend the ordinary. As The Mint opens its doors, they invite guests to embark on a new chapter of unforgettable celebrations.

Chateau Avalon and Avent Orangery are located at 701 Village West Parkway in Kansas City. The Mint is located at 12345 West 95th Street in Lenexa. For more information, visit, and

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  • Photo by Corey Christian Photography
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  • Photo by Corey Christian Photography