Blending Lives and Merging Styles to Create a New Oasis

Local Designer Helps a Newlywed Couple Achieve a Home Unique to Them

New beginnings.  An opportunity to start fresh.  The excitement of possibilities.  And when it comes to blending families and home decor it can also be filled with a variety of challenges, emotions, and difficult decisions about what to keep from the past and what to replace and refresh so as to create a home that reflects who you are now.

This is where Jeff Rice, owner of Decor Designs, Inc., comes in.  Jeff Rice’s motto is: “Everyone deserves a beautiful home.”  Jeff is a Certified Interior Decorator & Re-designer, Real Estate Stager & Color Specifier.  He takes pride in repurposing and reusing as many existing elements as possible. He believes in “using things in ways you may never have considered.”  Not only does he design from scratch and completely overhaul existing spaces, he also helps clients find new life in some of their existing pieces.  Sometimes, rearranging a room to change the flow is all it takes. And most importantly, he has a knack for listening and connecting with his clients.

One project that merged all of Jeff’s expertise is a continuation of work for a Crystal Lake couple.  While they have been together for 8 years, they have only recently tied the knot and officially blended their families.  They knew it was time to create a home that was reflective of their joint style and future lives together.  One problem…they weren’t even sure what their style actually was!  And to add complication, these newlyweds had been reusing furniture from previous homes and marriages.  So, now, moving on from the past, they wanted to create a space styled especially for their exciting future together.

The family room, along with the attached kitchen, is the heart of the home.  For these homeowners, it was important to redesign the space to suit the needs of their large family, as they have seven children between them.  Since they had worked with Jeff in the past, they knew he was exactly the right person to help them achieve this.  From the minute you step into this home, you feel the warmth and connection. Walking into the family room, it is easy to imagine the gatherings, around the stone fireplace, full of conversation and laughter.  Jeff was able to merge some of the couple's existing furniture and decor with new and refreshed pieces to create a space truly reflective of this family.

Jeff’s tip:  For a more designer look, avoid ‘matchy-matchy’!  Mix & Match creates a more custom look in any space.  Weary of mismatched?  Try mixing finishes from the same collection.

The goal of the primary bedroom was a bit different.   These newlyweds had been reusing furniture from previous homes and marriages. It was time to indulge in an oasis that was new and unique to them.  As Jeff explains, "A beautiful bedroom sets the tone for your day and welcomes you back after a hard one.  It is the last thing you see at night and the first sight in the morning.  Updating your bedroom is the best way to pamper yourself."  And in this case, exemplify their new beginning.  While many times Jeff specializes in reusing clients’ existing furniture, times like these call for a complete overhaul.  

Jeff’s Tip:  Sometimes, updating only a few items can actually make the ones you don’t change look worse.  In order to enjoy your update, make the most of it by being open to replacing your existing furniture.

By listening to this couple’s story and journey together, Jeff guided them through decisions that resulted in a house designed not only to meet their needs but also reflect their personalities and love for one another.  And now they all feel more like family than just client and designer.  Blended lives, indeed. 

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