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Examining the Evidence

Meet The women of WREC Consulting

Amber Bishop and Shelly Weed are the face of their female-owned and female-run business, WREC (Weed Reconstruction & Expert Consulting). Founded in 2012, Shelly left law enforcement after 14 years to become an expert in crash reconstruction, human factors, and occupant kinematics, investigating more than 2,500 crashes with 18 years of crash investigation experience. Amber, a corporate litigator with a Masters of Public Health from Emory and a former scientist at the CDC, joined WREC full-time in 2018.

WREC investigates crashes for insurance companies and attorneys handling evidence preservation and collection, analyses, legal testimony, and expert-written reports, often extending its services for free to law enforcement departments that may not have the capacity to do a full reconstruction.

"When we approach a crash scene we first look for the area of impact and where the vehicles came to their final rest. If the vehicles are still on scene when we respond, we assess the damage to the vehicles and debris trajectory," says Amber. "We are always looking for the 'why' – why did this accident happen here and now."

Amber and Shelly have busted through glass ceilings and have changed the face of legal experts in courts across Georgia, proving that women can be experts in accident reconstruction. They forged their own path and exemplify daily that women can thrive in mathematical and scientific fields if given the opportunity. Why follow a path that doesn’t leave you fulfilled, when you can blaze a trail? Amber will graduate from the Anti-Defamation League’s 2021 Glass Leadership Institute in June, a leadership development program empowering young adults to fight hatred and bigotry in their communities.

Accident reconstruction is almost exclusively a field occupied by males and WREC is the only female owned firm in Georgia. Amber and Shelly, the only women thus far out of 32 people total, are accredited by the Accreditation Commissioner for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists.

Crash evidence must be preserved quickly after an accident. An accident reconstructionist relies upon evidence collected from vehicles involved in crashes and roadway evidence located at the scene of the crash. Evidence is key to proving or disproving liability, but once a car is destroyed or roadway evidence disappears, it is gone forever. This is true whether you are an injured pedestrian, the driver of a car, a passenger, an owner, “at fault” or not. Hiring an attorney and an accident reconstructionist protects your rights, protects your assets, and protects your peace of mind.

WREC prides itself on client service, offering a thoughtful but tailored approach for each case in their community. The sense of community, commutability, and abundance of amenities cemented their choice to establish themselves in Smyrna/Vinings. The community is full of friendly people and other female-led businesses they love: like Pure Barre Vinings, OrangeTheory Fitness Smyrna, and Refuge Rescue. You can catch Amber and Shelly walking their two dogs and foster puppies on the Silver Comet Trails and training to complete the 29029 Everesting Challenge in Snow Basin, Utah, where they’ll ascend the Wasatch Mountains.

For more information on protecting yourself, check out WREC’s website or reach out directly to Amber at

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