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Experience the Art of Photo-Worthy Food with Arizona Taste

Gary Voorhees and his daughter, Candace, established Arizona Taste Catering and Event Planning in 1990 to provide premier catering and event planning services for private and corporate clients of all types. Now, as the top caterer in the Valley, Candace says that impeccable attention to detail, along with exquisite cuisine and wines are what Arizona Taste blends to create occasions that exude beauty and elegance.

Designing the perfect atmosphere for any occasion begins with food presentation. From seasonal colors to staging against breathtaking backdrops, Arizona Taste takes many factors into account when arranging a meal for an event.

“The only thing better than our service is what we serve,” Candace says.

Capturing food presentation at an event means setting the scene for photo-worthy food ahead of time. Candace shares her tips for beautiful food photography.

1. Tabletop light boxes are such a convenient and handy tool at events. Just pop the lightbox up wherever you're at and take the perfect picture. It's like a tent and creates great lighting even when it isn't a well-lit area.

2. When photographing an event with a buffet, setting it against a nice backdrop is key. If you can create a tablescape that is wonderful or arrange the food in front of a sunset outdoors to make for incredible photos.

3. Color pops in your photos, so think seasonal. If you are photographing food in the fall, green, oranges and even reds will make food blend with the abundant colors of that time of year.

4.  Be impromptu with food shots. Don't be too rigid when taking food shots; embrace imperfection and go for it.

5.  It's nice to have dimension in a shot. For example, we've used headboards and transformed them into wood risers.

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