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Sweet Spot, Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell

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Immerse yourself in and interact with an evolving art show at Wonderspaces Austin

Imagine stepping into a realm where waves of light and color envelop you. Depending on your path, you can either watch a robot artist drawing human portraits or listen to a musical performance orchestrated by antique sewing machines. This is the essence of Wonderspaces Austin, offering an array of installations for individuals of all ages and artistic backgrounds to enjoy.

“Wonderspaces started after a trip to a museum with a friend about seven years ago. It made me wonder what an art show would look like if its purpose was to be a place for friends and families to spend quality time together while also serving artists,” says Wonderspaces President Jason Shin.

Originating as pop-up art shows in San Diego, Wonderspaces has blossomed into permanent fixtures in Scottsdale, Philadelphia, and Austin. The exhibition curation process revolves around presenting accessible art across various mediums to captivate diverse audiences.

“All of our partner artists are paid, credited, and promoted—always,” says Shin. “Artists have control over where their work goes and whether they want to continue our partnership. Most of our initial partnerships from 2017 continue on today, and some have grown from one artwork to dozens.”

Today, Wonderspaces partners with over one hundred artists worldwide. From 3D-printed sculptures that animate under strobe lights to miles of multicolor nylon string, these artists deliver a unique spectrum of experiences.

“Wonderspaces is a place where people can enjoy extraordinary art with the people they care about,” says Shin. “If they come away from their experience with a new appreciation for art and artists, that’d be great, but it’s enough if they come away with a fun date night or a memorable afternoon with family.”

Elevate your next outing with Wonderspaces Austin at 1205 Sheldon Cove Suite 2A, Austin! Visit to book tickets.

  • Sweet Spot, Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell
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