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Explore a World Filled with More Free-time

According to a Maid Brigade survey, the average American spends nearly 300 hours a year cleaning their home. Imagine reclaiming those 300 hours for your passions, family time, and relaxation. Half of the survey respondents expressed interest in exploring how they would spend their time if they weren't cleaning, especially during the summer. The average person spends over five hours a week cleaning. Instead, those hours could be spent basking in the sun or enjoying a cool drink in the shade. Summer is for fun and entertainment, like evening barbecues or dinner parties. However, a third of respondents dislike hosting events at home due to cleaning (36%), and nearly three in five feel exhausted from party preparations (58%), which hinders their enjoyment of guests (59%).

Cleaning also causes people to miss significant events such as socializing with friends (39%), family time (35%), and even their child's sports games or recitals (22%). Take a break from cleaning and live your best life. Cleaning shouldn't come at the cost of creating lasting memories with loved ones. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Maid Brigade lets you spend time on what truly matters. Choosing a professional cleaning service like Maid Brigade means more than just a clean home. It offers the chance to explore a life where your time is spent on enriching activities. Reclaim your time, indulge in luxury, and enjoy the freedom of a spotless home without lifting a finger. Imagine the possibilities.


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