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Las Vegas Offers Magnificent Casino Experiences and an Impressive Lineup of Adventures Off The Strip

Article by Douglas Pilarski

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

As one of the world’s leading destination for entertainment establishments, Las Vegas offers magnificent resort experiences and equally exciting experiences off the strip. 

Think of Las Vegas, and your mind automatically goes to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. It is a dazzling corridor. Four miles of entertainment venues, glitzy tourist attractions, dazzling lights, restaurants, and iconic entertainment resorts. 

There Is So Much More to Experience

Here are a few suggestions to get you out of doors to experience what the surrounding areas of Las Vegas have to offer. Whether you are looking for tours, golf, or seeing Red Rock Canyon by horseback, Las Vegas delivers unforgettable days of enjoyment. Planning an exciting day that you will never forget is a cinch! 

Remember, you are in the middle of the Mojave Desert, so you will need a pair of sturdy shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and some extra water bottles. You can have just as much fun in the arid desert as on the Vegas strip. Best to be prepared. 

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is distinguished as Nevada’s first National Conservation Area.  

Red Rock Canyon is seventeen miles from the strip. It is a short drive west of Charleston /State Route 159. In a town set up to offer the finest in entertainment, Red Rock welcomes two million visitors annually. 

Enjoy miles of hiking trails, horseback riding, picnic areas, and road cycling. There is a bookstore, a visitor center, and indoor and outdoor exhibits. Take advantage of the thirteen-mile scenic drive. 

If you are ready to hike in Red Rock Canyon, some of the more popular trails to research are Turtlehead Peak, Calico Tanks, Grand Circle Loop, Lost Creek Children’s Discovery, Petroglyph Wall, White Rock Mountain Loop, and Knoll.

Take a Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

Enjoy a helicopter landing inside the Grand Canyon! Imagine soaring over the historic Hoover Dam while taking in the distant views of the Mojave Desert and a spectacular panorama of Lake Mead and the remote Mojave Desert. So why not try an aerial adventure to one of the greatest natural wonders, the magnificent Grand Canyon? 

Packages differ by helicopter companies. Several tours give you three hours to walk around after landing in the canyon to explore the stunning walls and the overlooks. The Grand Canyon sits on Hualapai Indian Tribal land. This trip offers you vibrant colors and unforgettable scenery. 

Horseback Riding Adventures

Even for the novice rider, there is nothing quite like waking up early for a horseback ride through today’s wild west! Choose your experience and let go of the allure of the strip. Instead, opt to spend a day on a working ranch. You’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast like cowboys, then saddle up for a scenic and leisurely horseback ride. 

Once atop your trusted mount, you’ll experience a ride through a rugged landscape of ravines, rocks, and desert valleys. You will be thrilled to see the Nevada desert regardless of skill level.

Take in a Car Show

The Shelby American Cars & Coffee event happens every Saturday morning at the Shelby American headquarters near Town Square. This weekly event brings together enthusiasts from southern Nevada, Arizona, and southern California for a morning of hot coffee and an impressive display of hot rods. 

There are plenty of cars to inspect. Bring your camera, take pictures of your favorite cars, and Q& A with enthusiasts. This is your chance to experience the unique car culture alive and well in Las Vegas. Don’t miss the Carrol Shelby Museum while you are there. You’ll see Carroll Shelby’s personal AC Cobra and other important cars marking events and milestones in the incredible Shelby story.

The Valley of Fire 

A visit to The Valley of Fire state park, with 40,000 acres of nature, offers a panorama of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops mingled with grey and tan limestone mountains.

One of the main attractions of this area is visible on a sunny day. The rock formations, which date back to the Jurassic period, look like they are on fire. The name stuck. 

Vistas of pink, red and orange sandstone rocks are waiting for you just fifty miles northeast of the strip. A walk on the famed hiking trails reveals the Fire wave and Rainbow vista, otherworldly landscapes you most likely will never forget. 

Pay a Visit to the Neon Museum

One of the more memorable experiences Las Vegas locals like to talk about is hotels such as the Vegas Vic Casino that is imploded to make way for a new hotel. What happens to all the neon signs out front? More than 150 old signs now reside in the Neon Museum. Also known as the Vegas Sign Boneyard. See this iconic artwork up close and personal. Take your camera!

Just Don’t Sit There

When planning your Las Vegas trip, exploring the great outdoors will make a memorable experience for you and your family. Get out and explore the great outdoors!

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