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Jennine Gere.

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How to Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Achieve Fitness Goals

Article by Lauren Christ

Photography by Michael Beightol

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

The dirty secret in the fitness industry is this: training isn’t accessible to the people who need it the most.  

If you’ve ever injured yourself working out, felt too sick or fatigued to go to gym, or are worried you’re either too old or inexperienced to start a health and fitness regimen with goals, keep reading.  

The Smart Fit Method isn’t a gym. Most gyms only provide you with basic equipment. What they don't have are trainers to help you stay safe and protocols that have a measurable impact on your health and longevity.  We’re a new way to train: safely, effectively, and efficiently. We’re a longevity studio on a mission to bring the life-changing benefits of fitness to people just like you. Here’s how.  

In just one hour a week, they provide the minimum effective dose of exercise thanks to certified personal trainers working with premium exercise equipment that's normally only available to elite professional athletes and celebrities. What this means for you is a safe way to effectively train, supervised by professional trainers for a fraction of the cost.  

Their Smart Strength protocol uses AI-powered, patented Adaptive Resistance™ to complete a total body workout in just 20 minutes. Press, push, and pull with weight that scales perfectly to match your capabilities.  

The Smart Cold HIIT is a workout on Vasper-systems NASA technology that packs a 2-hour workout into a single, 20-minute session using cooling and compression. It’s designed to be rehabilitative and aids in the body’s natural recovery process by boosting growth hormones and lowering cortisol levels. Smart Cold HIIT has improved the symptoms of low testosterone, chronic injuries, perimenopause and menopause, and arthritis in many of our clients. 

Smart Ride with LiveO2 is their cardio protocol that improves VO2 Max and maximizes the body’s fat-burning potential with help from Live02 oxygen therapy training.   

They prove your progress with data tracked in their Smart Fit app because they guarantee you’ll see results.

It's time for fitness to make itself accessible to more than just the young trainees who push through pain and recover quickly from injuries. Get stronger and feel fitter faster with optimized equipment and expert trainers on your side. 

About The Smart Fit Method: Consistency is everything when it comes to improving your lifestyle, which is why this summer they are offering three months of membership for the price of two. Save 33% on certified personal training and kickstart your journey to a fitter, healthier life. Everyone deserves a body that has more energy, greater strength, and a longer, healthier lifespan. Try a complimentary session at The Smart Fit Method’s new longevity studio in Kildeer and work with a personal trainer to determine the right program for you. Flexible pricing options start at $59. In Kildeer the Smart Fit Studio, owned and operated by Trevor and Jennine Gere, is located at 20771 N. Rand Rd. B4-B, Kildeer, IL. Book your complimentary workout and see what it is all about at or give them a call at 847.433.3911. 

Working out doesn't have to be an exploration into self-denial and pain. In fact, working with a personal trainer is the optimal way to achieve fitness while staying injury-free.

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