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An Adventurous Way to Give Back

Las Vegas men build homes in Mexico

In a heartwarming display of community engagement, a group of men from Las Vegas embarked on a unique volunteer trip to Tijuana, Mexico, where they built homes for families living in deplorable conditions. Organized by The Crossing, a Christian church, the initiative aimed to provide safe and secure housing while fostering cultural exchange and personal growth.

Jacob Musselman, the influence & impact pastor at The Crossing’s main campus in South Vegas located at 7950 West Windmill Lane, shared insights into this transformative experience. "Several times a year, we send people to build houses for some of the poorest families in the area around Tijuana," he explained. "On our latest trip, we sent 120 guys to build six houses."

The trip's purpose extends beyond mere construction; it aligns with the church's belief in caring for vulnerable groups, including the poor.

The process is both efficient and impactful. Upon arrival, the volunteers find a concrete pad and materials ready for construction. Within a day and a half, teams of 15 to 20 people complete each house, enabling families to move in immediately.

"On Sunday morning, we drive back to Las Vegas, and the family is waking up for the first time in their new house," Musselman described.

Participants contribute between $500 and $600 to cover expenses, while The Crossing funds the $15,000 cost of each house. A touching gesture involves collecting money for a surprise shopping spree, allowing families to furnish their new homes with essentials and groceries.

The most poignant moment occurs during the key handover ceremony. "Each team stands in a circle, and then we pass the keys around the circle. Usually, each volunteer will share a thought with the family, and then we will pray for them," Musselman recounted. "There's not a lot of dry eyes by the end."

For the volunteers, the experience is profound. "You end the trip with your heart connected to the family, and you build great connections with your house build team," Musselman shared. "It's exciting to know that you helped change their lives."

Musselman emphasized the trip's distinctiveness compared to other volunteer work or travel. "The most unique part of this trip is that you get to see the completion; at the end of a couple days there is a house where there wasn't a house."

For those interested in getting involved, The Crossing offers multiple trips throughout the year. Musselman encouraged everyone to find a way to contribute, whether through prayer, financial support, or direct participation. The next trip is scheduled for October, and more information can be found at

This initiative exemplifies the power of community engagement and the impact of giving back. By exploring new avenues of service, these Las Vegas men not only built homes, but also developed lasting connections and discovered a profound sense of purpose.