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Exploring Local Wildlife

Sarah Jane Moore, professional wildlife photographer, shares some of her favorite photographs with us

Article by Bailey Hall

Photography by Sarah Jane Moore Wildlife Photography

Originally published in Augusta City Lifestyle

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been taking pictures since I was young and I’ve always had a deep love for nature and wildlife. I went through countless disposable film cameras growing up because I would take pictures of anything and everything.

What do you love about nature photography?

I love nature and wildlife photography because it gives me the privilege to be out in God's stunning creation and the opportunity to capture His handiwork. It can be very challenging and a lot of patience is needed at times, but when you get the shot, the waiting is always worth it. Every time I look back at one of my pictures, it transports me back to the moment in time and brings back amazing memories.

What are your favorite places to photograph locally and why?

Some of my favorite places to photograph locally are Phinizy Swamp and Clarks Hill Dam.

I love taking pictures at these locations because they have beautiful scenic views and so much wildlife.

Do you have a favorite image that you’ve photographed?

It’s hard to pick a favorite local image that I’ve taken because each one holds meaningful memories for me, but some of my favorite local pictures would have to be the Raccoon kits and the Barred Owl, both taken in Harlem, GA. I also love the sunbathing American alligator taken in Phinizy Swamp. 

To purchase prints and see more of Sarah Jane’s work, follow her Facebook page Sarah Jane Moore Wildlife Photography, Instagram @sarahjaneswildlifephotography, or visit her website