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Carefully curated retail products and luxurious skincare items can be found at Urban Waxx.

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Exploring Self-Care for Summer-Ready Skin

Waxing Offers Skin Care Options for Warm Weather and Beyond

With the arrival of warmer days, it’s refreshing to shed the winter layers for summertime favorites, from swimsuits and sundresses, to shorts and short sleeves. If you are exploring self-care options to get your skin ready for summer, waxing might be on your list. The process of waxing has a rich history, with origins dating back to ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations. As beauty standards evolved in the early 20th century, waxing became popular in Europe and the U.S.

One local luxury wax-only salon, Urban Waxx, opened its doors in 2023. Woman-owned and founded by Shannon Beekman in 2007, their Bend salon is Beekman’s ninth location, with other salons located in Portland, Eugene and Vancouver.  

“In 2020, my husband and I relocated to Bend from Portland with our four kids,” Beekman says. “We had been hearing for years that we needed to open a location in Central Oregon, and it quickly became apparent that Bend would be the perfect location for Urban Waxx. We are thrilled to be here!”

At Urban Waxx, a core value is “over-the-top” customer service. Before becoming an esthetician and founding Urban Waxx, Beekman worked in the food and beverage industry in New York City. Through this experience, she realized the importance and impact of the quality of customer service. “I believe excellent guest service can have a profound impact on people’s lives. Creating memorable experiences, fostering genuine connections, and making someone’s day brighter is incredibly rewarding,” explains Beekman.

The team of estheticians at Urban Waxx are highly trained professionals who prioritize guest comfort and care. “Our expert estheticians utilize high quality products in a comfortable, chic atmosphere designed to provide guests with a pampering experience like no other, actively listening to our guests’ needs and making sure each feels satisfied and valued. We also deliver special touches to enhance the overall visit, offering a beverage like a mimosa, wine or sparkling water and snacks in a relaxing, spa-like environment,” Beekman notes.

Waxing might feel a bit intimidating, but Beekman wants guests to be assured that their team is highly experienced and enthusiastic, and they love what they do. “We are here to answer questions and make the entire experience fun and empowering. We work hard to deliver an extraordinary experience for every guest, helping raise self-esteem and confidence with each visit.” 

Before your first appointment, Beekman suggests letting hair grow out to about ¼ inch, the longer the better to get a good first result. “To prepare for your first wax visit, ensure your hair is long enough for the wax to grip. Exfoliate beforehand to remove dead skin cells and avoid moisturizing right before your appointment. Communicate openly with your Waxer about any concerns or preferences, and most of all . . . just relax!”

Along with smoother skin and longer lasting results compared to shaving, waxing can also lead to reduced hair growth and finer regrowth. If you have sensitive skin, Beekman notes that waxing can be beneficial by reducing irritation compared to shaving, as it removes hair from the root, leading to smoother regrowth and potentially fewer ingrown hairs. “We specialize in waxes formulated specifically for sensitive skin, and combined with proper aftercare, sensitive skin can respond very well to waxing.”

Urban Waxx offers full body waxing and sugaring for all genders, from eyebrows to underarms, legs, back, Brazilian and more. Across their nine locations, Brazilian waxing is the most popular and they do over 40,000 annually. “We are also experts in brow waxing and also offer brow laminations,” Beekman adds.

Luxurious skincare essentials are some of the carefully curated retail products that guests can find for sale at Urban Waxx. One product, Serious Serum, was formulated and developed by Beekman specifically for Urban Waxx. “Each item we sell is selected with consideration to beauty and mindfulness, whether skincare, candles, jewelry, or bath care. Self-care is our focus.”

Not only is Beekman passionate about excellent guest service, she is also committed to her team of employees. “I wanted to create a salon environment with a positive culture that empowers everyone to find their best, most authentic selves because I believe in the transformative power of support and encouragement,” explains Beekman. “By fostering a culture of positivity and empowerment, we uplift the individual and strengthen our entire community. Every person who walks through our doors should feel confident, inspired, and supported to chase their dreams and embrace their unique beauty. For me, cultivating a salon environment that champions women’s empowerment is not just a goal, but a heartfelt commitment.”

Founding Urban Waxx was a dream come true for Beekman. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to see an idea blossom into reality, to create something from the ground up that adds value to people’s lives. What truly warms my heart is the relationships I’ve cultivated – with my team, our guests, and my community. Owning a business isn’t just about transactions, it’s about connections and establishing a network of support and inspiration that extends far beyond the walls of our salons.”

  • Carefully curated retail products and luxurious skincare items can be found at Urban Waxx.
  • Marketing Director Kaylynn Whitney (l) and Urban Waxx Founder Shannon Beekman (r) at the grand opening of their Bend salon in September 2023.
  • Urban Waxx offers comfort and excellent customer service for all who walk through their doors.

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