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Get rid of daily discomforts with comprehensive back-to-school eye exams at Cedar Park Vision

Given the recommendation to complete eye exams every 12 months, it may be time for your family to do theirs. With Dr. Kimberly Wampler and the Cedar Park Vision team, students of all ages benefit from technologically advanced devices to address new developments with their sight.

“We can determine if a child is nearsighted or farsighted, and if they may be having learning challenges or depth perception issues that can affect everyday life,” says Dr. Wampler. “There have been countless times that I will find a condition where a simple glasses prescription improves a child’s ability to read and take tests, eliminates headaches, and even improves social confidence.”

To have the healthiest vision and set yourself up for success, Dr. Wampler finds that education on a personal level is key. That’s why her goal is to not only solve your problems, but to ensure that you understand why you need the treatments suggested.

“I get to meet so many people and families, and provide solutions for them that actually are life-changing. It’s an energizing and rewarding experience,” says Dr. Wampler. “I’ve even taken my passion for our profession further and serve on the Texas Optometric Association Board, advocating for what we do and how to provide easier access to better care for people in our community.”

Book an appointment at today! (You might even get the bonus of a treasure box at the end of your exam.)

“The doctors and staff at Cedar Park Vision are encouraged to dress to express their personalities, rather than white coats. This promotes less anxiety for first-time patients and a friendly, calm experience.” -Dr. Kimberly Wampler

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