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Eye Candy Eyewear

Natural Elements Create Eyewear Individuality

Glasses are a representation of your style. Your glasses should represent you in design, color, and feeling. Glasses are often made from Italian acetate, which is beautiful and soft, and titanium, which is strong and elegant. But artisans are using many natural elements as well; stainless steel, stone, granite, seashell, walnut, elm, pine cone, leather, and horn. These natural products help celebrate individuality in eyewear.

Catuma — a dialogue between art and architecture, blending design, colors, and function. All of these beautiful fames are made from natural elements, including slate, wood, and granite. Each frame is made from up to 40 pieces, with a steel core, brass, and even white oak. Unexpected materials are mixed together to create unique designs.

Shwood — made with premium walnut and elm, these frames exude luxury by mixing great style with products from nature. Their glasses contain everything from rose petals to pine cones, and as shown here, genuine stabilized seashell. Shwood proves that natural materials can produce beautiful, quality glasses that are unique for you.

TAVAT — the SoupCan collection was inspired by how goggles were thought to be made in the 30’s, out of soup cans. Handmade in northern Italy, each frame is made entirely by coining Alpacca and dying components, then completely assembled and finished by hand. The closure has a watch crown mechanism, making this frame perfectly unique.

L.G.R — the eyewear line from this Italian company was inspired by the natural beauty of Africa. Their glasses are made from cellulose acetate for durability and flexibility, and metal for strength. Their frames are entirely handmade in Italy by three artisan families, using traditional methods and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver authentic eyewear.