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Eyes on Hayden

Eyes on Hayden is a fresh new take on luxury eyecare and eyewear. Founder and Optometrist, Dr. Candria Krywko has designed this unique concept as a medical-based concierge practice with emphasis on family eyecare, contact lenses, red eyes, as well as advanced dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. These services, coupled with fashion forward style means Dr. Krywko delivers personalized eyecare in a way that her patients feel confident with their overall experience.

"What makes Eyes on Hayden especially unique is the “Eye Love” culture we’ve created. Glasses are presented in a beautifully wrapped giftbag with a lens kit for the proper care of your glasses, we have an exquisitely crafted succulent wall for selfies with your new glasses, and an “Eye Club” is offered for those who wish to elevate their eyecare experience," Dr. Krywko said.

Dr. Krywko shares that her passion for eyecare and fashion stem back to childhood. She recalls wanting glasses from a young age and when she obtained her first pair, she realized it not only felt great to see better, but she could have fun changing her look.

"Optometry offered me the beautiful compliment of combining healthcare and fashion. My passion for eyecare grows daily, with every day, is an opportunity to share that passion with my patients. I was born to be an eye doctor!"

Dr. Krywko puts the “fun in fundus” (a medical term for the retina) and promotes excitement about eye health by offering tips and tricks to help one’s eyes last a lifetime. Check Eyes on Hayden out on Facebook or Instagram @dr.krywko or join the “Eye Club” for $20.20/month. Membership includes: annual comprehensive eye exam, 20% off all eye care services, extended peripheral vision testing, 20% off eyewear and more.

Spring Trends:

Blackfin: Sophisticated pops of color that allow you to be funky, bold and professional with ultimate comfort. $350 - $660

Dita:  Architecturally designed eyewear with exquisite Japanese Craftsmanship. Designs that find beauty in purpose. $510 - $900

Celine: Celine caters to both men and women looking for a taste of luxury with the omission of flashy branding. $460 - $750

CocoSong: Each piece is crafted with a sequence of real silk, flowers, feathers, and precious stones enclosed in an original alchemy of style and creativity. $390 - $540

Tom Ford: Intriguing eyewear, sunwear and convertible eyewear for the upscale professional man or woman. $430 - $880

  • Blackfin
  • Blackfin
  • CocoSong
  • Celine
  • Tom Ford
  • Tom Ford (same as previous pic)
  • Dita

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