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Naturopathy 101


Article by Jennifer Gale

Photography by Jennifer Gale

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Do you know what Naturopathy is? Or for that matter a Naturopath?

If you don't, don't worry, lots of people are new to our work. And in this day and age when natural means of healing are needed more than ever, we are working hard to spread the word about WHAT we do and WHY you need us!

First and foremost, Naturopaths are people who train to learn how to work WITH the body's innate healing information. We look for root causes of imbalance and help people learn how to address those root causes with safe, effective, and non-toxic means.

Naturopaths have a LONG history. EVERY culture and society had some among them that were keepers of hard won knowledge of herbal remedies, some that knew proper birthing techniques and positions, some than knew which foods healed, some that knew the connection of mind/body/spirit, and some that had knowledge of diseases and ways to return people to good health. Ancient societies in China and Egypt had amazing healers that knew what plants could quiet a cough or what foods would settle an upset stomach. In this hemisphere, herbal remedies for certain types of cancer were passed among Northern First Nations people and every group of people knew which plants were the most potent for their region and season.

Naturopathic Medicine in North America can be traced back to Dr. Benedict Lust, who used the term “naturopathy” to describe the integrated practice of botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, manipulative therapy and acupuncture. Even in the early years of the United States, holistic and alternative methods were common practice to all.

These days, you will find a BROAD SPECTRUM of Naturopaths with expertise from dozens of mind/body/spirit natural health realms. Naturopathic care is very different from conventional care. Typical appointments range from a half hour to 2 hours and alot of ground is covered while obtaining a health history. Information ranging from what you eat every day to your emotional health and wellbeing will all be considered when crafting your individualized plan. Much like anything though, finding the appropriate match of a practitioner is tantamount for improved health outcomes.

If you have found yourself needing a little something more when it comes to your healing, take the time to seek out a Classical Naturopath in your area or one that offers virtual appointments. You will be rewarded with lots of healing knowledge and a partner that will walk your health journey with you!

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