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Fabulous Fall Accents

Fashionable Fall Tips from The White Hare

Making your home look and feel cozy is as simple as adding the warm colors of autumn in simple additions like festive wreaths, plaid pillows and decorative mantels. Here are some ideas from The White Hare for your stylish fall decor.

1. Dough bowls are reproductions of a centuries-old baking tool of the same name. Pilgrims brought them to the new world to use for making bread. Today, they are a great accessory because you can change them out seasonally for a stunning centerpiece.

Cream-, green- and neutral-colored pumpkins are a great way to bring the warmth of fall into your home, while still complementing your decor. One idea for fall is to start with a fall garland making an “S” design in the bowl with ends trailing on each side. Add in your pumpkins, sticks, berries, leaves, pods or whatever natural pieces you have.

2. Don’t forget your entryway! Greet your guests with the stunning hues of autumn with a wreath, filled basket or door swag.

3. Add fall accents to your existing mantel décor or start from scratch. Garlands, pumpkins, sticks, berries and pods can be arranged to create a warm, stylish look.

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