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Launched in 2019, this MONTHLY publication was created exclusively for and about the residents of
St. Charles County, and the niche communities that surround. Our mission is simple, we hope to play a small
role in helping the community flourish, by focusing on the GOOD NEWS and the amazing things
happening in and around St. Charles County. In each issue we highlight different articles such as new
business spotlights, home of the month and non-profit features.
On many levels, we operate differently than your typical magazine. By DIRECT MAILING to a very
targeted audience, we greatly reduce our advertising partners' risk. We have given direct mail
SHELF LIFE, by packaging it in a beautiful publication, that our recipients can proudly display on
their coffee tables. Quite simply, our platform is the most cost-effective way for local businesses to
connect to the community on a consistent basis.

Gordon Montgomery

Gordon Montgomery

Recent Issues

Our Mission is to inspire YOU to live a happier and healthier life in the place we all call home. We hope to do this by being a hub for our community, bringing you unparalleled access to local businesses and personal stories with every issue. Check them out!

  • St. Charles County City Lifestyle 2023-04
    April 2023

Local Experiences

  • Our Picks to Choose Your Next Adventure

    You only live once; make the most of it! Choose your next adventure and broaden your horizons, increase your heart rate, and try something new that will fill your bucket.

  • Our Picks for Home Design in Mind

    There are few things we love more than the comfort of our own home. Upgrade and personalize your living space inside and out by shopping and engaging with our home and design merchants who provide cozy, creative and beautiful establishments to enhance our digs.

  • Our Picks to Show Your Local Love

    From restaurants, shops, artists and more, show your love and support to our city’s creatives and visionaries. Enjoy these local establishments that you’re sure to fall for while giving back to our city’s economy simultaneously.

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Our Business Partners

You want to support businesses that serve and positively impact our neighborhoods and so do we. That's why we're passionate about partnering with only the most trusted businesses and business owners. The following list is our collection of partners that support us and our community - find them here and in our publication each month.