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Meet Your Neighbor: Clint Akins

Fresh off a cruise, Julious “Clint” Akins is excited to head back to work and continue doing what he loves to do - creating, baking, and decorating desserts at Puffy Muffin. Having celebrated his 20-year anniversary with Puffy Muffin this past month, Clint is living proof that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome. 

Born hearing, Clint became deaf at a very young age. He remembers fondly watching and learning from his grandmother, Rosetta Nevils, as she baked and decorated desserts for her family, church, and friends. Although she succumbed to cancer when Clint was only 10-years-old, sharing time in the kitchen together set Clint up for his life's work. Long removed from his childhood home on West Main Street in Franklin, and now a proud Franklin homeowner himself, Clint enjoys his work at Puffy Muffin and baking for private clients as well.  

Traditional cheesecakes, creme brulee, tarts, elaborate designs, or understated elegance, Clint masterfully does it all. Many of his cakes are decorated using real flowers and incorporating unique flavor combinations.  

When Clint is not baking, he enjoys playing softball with the Metro Nashville Softball Association, traveling, and has even appeared in an episode of “Nashville.” 

Clint, who came out several years ago, is proud of who he is and that his hard work, determination, and skills have led to the successes he now enjoys.  And to think, it all started in a kitchen on West Main Street with the love of a grandmother.

If you are interested in hiring Clint to create a custom cake, cupcakes, or other desserts for your event, you can email him at  He will work with you to create the most delicious and decadent desserts.  Your guests, and your tastebuds, will thank you!

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