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Sharing Inspiring Stories of Real People with Grace Begins Podcast

Article by Karen Creason

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Franklin Lifestyle sat down with Franklin residents Cathy Cardenas and Catherine Sutherland, co-hosts of Grace Begins podcast - a weekly podcast sharing stories of people who have navigated life's challenges with unwavering grace, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever.

What is - and isn’t - Grace Begins podcast?

CS: Each week we bring inspiring stories of beautiful souls from all walks of life showcasing how His grace and mercy changed their lives. It is not about religion or going to church - it's about fostering connections and spreading light in a world that often feels shrouded in darkness.

CC: Exactly! These are everyday people with stories to share and it's a reminder of the enduring power of faith, hope, and above all, grace.

What inspired you to start the Grace Begins podcast?

CC: The podcast has been on my heart for more than a year but I couldn’t get it over the finish line until my soul sister Catherine joined me.

CS: I felt instantly connected to Cathy and this platform offers a unique opportunity for people to share their stories, bringing light and inspiration to our listeners.

What do you hope listeners will take away from the podcast?

CS: Maybe in one of these stories listeners will hear something they can connect to and give them some encouragement and hope. 

CC: These are stories for everyone and anyone. Knowing you are not perfect. You are not alone. These are stories you can relate to.

How has creating and hosting Grace Begins impacted you personally?

CS:  Grace Begins reminds me that we just scratch the surface of someone’s life and there is so much story underneath the surface. It makes me so much more empathetic.

CC: It is beautiful hearing people's inspiring stories and has become a highlight of my week. It is my feel-good hour.


  • Photo by Deb Scally
  • Photo by Deb Scally