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2022 Fall/Winter Hat Trends

Tip Your Hat To the Top Hat Trends this Season

Here are the some of the hat trends spotted at Autumn/Winter 2022 Fashion Weeks. It will be so hard to choose just one. Looks like we'll be "wearing many hats" this season! 

1. Beanie

A forever-perfect hat trend for fall and winter, beanies are simple, casual, warm, practical and easy to create. 

2. Bucket

An easy way to cover up messy hair, bucket hats with many different textures found themselves on the 2022-2023 runways. Think leather, water-proof and even fur.

3. Beret

Berets are the perfect way to elevate any outfit with a little Parisian flair. Many designers are resurrecting this popular hat.

4. Fedora

Once considered only a man's hat, fedoras are more prevalent in womenswear this season. Super trendy and fun with almost any outfit. 

5. Newsboy 

Made out of wool and providing a small brim over the eyes, this hat is called by many names (page boy cap and newsboy, just to name a few). The timeless shape can improve any outfit.

6. Fur Hats

Fuzzy and furry is hot this year! Look for warm and furry details on hats, shoes, purses and more.