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Fall Fashion Trends

Kendra Bissig, aka: The Blonde Mom, shares trends she’s seeing in both female and male fashion this fall season.

At the age of six, local resident Kendra Bissig could complete a basic whip stitch and knew how to make Barbie clothes out of socks. As the daughter of (in her words) “a Frugal Frannie,” Bissig’s own closet rarely included high-end items, thus forcing her to adopt, early-on, a practical approach to creating style in her wardrobe. Now owner of The Blonde Mom, a boutique personal style firm located in the metro Detroit area, Bissig is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating an approachable fashion experience for each client.  

“My practices are grounded in sourcing affordable looks by mixing and matching luxury with bargain pieces,” Bissig said. “I believe styling should be fun, fashion should be attainable and stylists should be affordable.” 

Bissig offers hourly closet audits and style sessions, as well as personal shopping packages that range from one outfit to full closet overhauls. And with the fall season quickly approaching, she’s certainly done her research on this year’s fashion trends.

She described this year’s looks for women as “feminine silhouettes and avant-garde details”:

  • Denim mini dresses and jumpsuits

  • Voluminous sleeves and shoulders

  • Statement Collars

  • High-waisted pants and paperbag waists

  • Neutrals with a bold pop of color

  • Vintage fabrics and buttons repurposed as earrings and headbands

Bissig said men’s fall fashion is a “strong juxtaposition between casual and professional dressing”:

  • Elasticized jeans and pants with a slim profile

  • Cuban collared shirts

  • Shirt jackets

  • Casual bomber-style collared jackets

  • Utility garments and colors 

  • Checks and bright plaids

“This year’s fashion is largely influenced by the tumultuous year we’ve had,” Bissig explained. “The details are extreme but wearable. We’re mixing more hard and soft textures and experimenting with and modernizing popular silhouettes from the 80s and 90s.”

After her two daughters Penny and Ruby were born, Bissig said she struggled with postpartum depression. Although the typical stay-at-home mom uniform seemingly includes messy buns, baggy shirts and yoga pants or leggings, Bissig said her mood would brighten on the days when she made the effort to dress cute.

“As mothers, we are teaching our children to love themselves, but we often put ourselves last,” Bissig said. “My approach to styling was born from mama empathy. I want to make all moms feel sexy and powerful regardless of how many derrieres they had to wipe or Legos they had to clean that day.” 

Similar to her situation, so many local residents are spending more time at home than ever due to the pandemic. Although it’s easy to stay in sweatpants all day, Bissig encourages community members to approach getting dressed as the most fun part of his or her day. 

“Wearing a piece that you love, regardless of its formality, is a mood-enhancer and begets productivity,” Bissig said.

Check out more of Bissig’s style tips on Facebook @theblondemomstyle or Instagram @the_blondemom.