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model: Kyrie Kilen

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Fall Fashion Trends

Elevate Your Look This Season

Summer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner. With crisp, cooler days on the horizon, the time is right to spice up your wardrobe with some new looks for fall. Not sure where to start? We have a round-up of the latest trends to help you be ready this season.

Layering is always a great idea, practically speaking, so it is no surprise that layering is on-trend this fall. Think layers and mixing fabrics, both same and different. Combine layers of various lengths, different fabrics (opaque with sheer, knits with suitings), mixing knits with knits, or head-to-toe leather looks.

For accessories, aim for a touch of old Hollywood glamour with opera gloves. Chunky bangles worn stacked on the wrist, choker necklaces, oversized pearls, and statement sunglasses with bold black frames complete the look. Scarves and even menswear-inspired neckties are a part of many designer’s fall collections for this year.

Here are some of the top trends and colors for fall 2022:


Be daring with prints this fall. Animal prints and bold monochromatic prints are great options, or even mix prints for a fashion-forward look. Don’t shy away from big prints and bright colors, but do choose them wisely if you are petite to avoid being overwhelmed by your outfit.


Think big, bold looks—oversized jackets paired with mini skirts in pleats, tweeds, or checks. Jackets take on a menswear look with a twist with broad, take-charge shoulders. For a casual look, try pairing suit jackets with sportwear such as jeans or sneakers.


Big, chunky knits are in for fall. Brushed angora and mohair allow oversized sweaters to look bold yet be light on the body. Look for asymmetrical hems, cut outs, cable knits and patterns. Graphic details and embroidery are part of this season’s sweater collections as well.


Have fun with sequins! Mix a sequined skirt with a chunky sweater, or a sequin-studded top with jeans. For a special night out, try a sequined dress or accessories. With leather, opt for a trench or long duster jacket, dresses, or pants---even mix them together for a head-to-toe look.


Shades of camel and caramel are perfect for leather, sweaters, and suitings. Try a camel-colored cashmere sweater or shoes for an on-trend look.


Despite not usually being associated with fall, pink is big this year, especially in bright shades of hot and “Barbie” pink. Try a pop of pink in your accessories, jewelry, or shoes.


Black is an effortlessly classic color. Look for black leather trench coats and pants, or black velvet dresses or suit skirts. For shoes, try preppy-inspired black statement loafers.

  • model: Kyrie Kilen