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Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends


Article by Allison Bankston

Photography by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Vegan leather may be the hottest trend in fashion this fall! Everyone is talking about it and with good reason. Vegan fashion is all about being environmentally conscious. But there are other reasons it’s a huge hit in the fashion world this year: it’s cruelty-free, sustainable, and more affordable in many cases. 

REBELRY BOUTIQUE in Arvada has a big selection of vegan leather this year including pants, tops and handbags. Owner Judy Abramowitz says it’s not just jackets. “We’re seeing vegan leather for great skinny pants, skirts, and other core pieces. People are being more conscientious about their clothing choices,” says Judy. “They care about where their clothes come from and the materials used.” 

Terra Cotta is the hot color of the season, and it’s such a great color for a jumpsuit, too. Judy says jumpsuits have become a major item everyone should have. “It’s such a great piece to dress up or down, such as pairing it with heels for a more upscale look or with cute boots and a plaid shacket or denim jacket for a more casual, fun look.” Jumpsuits can be worn all year with different accentuating pieces, and this year, jumpsuits feature more wide-legged styles. 

Shackets, by the way, are super popular in fall fashion, as well as anything plaid: plaid shackets, plaid shirts, plaid anything! Judy says everyone needs a shacket...period! You won’t regret it! The trend started last year, and it’s continuing. It’s one of those things you’ll keep going back to in your closet. Plus, shackets are warm!

Denim jackets are always a great staple to throw on over an outfit to make it more casual and to layer, as the temperatures vary this time of year. Wide-legged, colored jeans are another hot item this year. You can match so many things with them, dressing them up or down. Judy says many women find wide-legged jeans to be a very flattering style. 

Hand-crafted, eye-catching jewelry is extremely popular, and there are so many great artisans in Colorado. Judy says REBELRY BOUTIQUE always has a selection of unique jewelry and hats, many of which are locally made. ”Hats can change up an outfit and add an extra flirty, fun layer.”

REBELRY BOUTIQUE is a comfortable, fun, and relaxed atmosphere with items at a moderate price point. “We try to help people find the right fit for their body type, so they feel confident and excited about their new clothing choices,” says Judy. “We cater to a diverse clientele and a variety of sizes, with some jean styles going up to a size 16. We have both casual and dressy pieces, some more conservative–some not–and something for women of any age.”

REBELRY BOUTIQUE strives to provide stylish clothing at affordable prices, and Judy says she loves helping people find just the right outfit for a special occasion or to expand a client's wardrobe. “This is my passion. I love what I do, and I’m here to help.”

Check out REBELRY’s great vibe and awesome selection at or visit the store at Mission Commons Shopping Center, 7641 West 88th Avenue in Arvada.

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