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Vintage jacket and boots layered on top of sheer summer style

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Show Your Style this Fall

Transition Fashion Trends

As the summer heat gradually gives way to cooler temperatures, it’s time to start talking about your fall wardrobe.  Transitioning from one season to another can be a bit tricky, especially since Folsom stays hot well into September and even October.  Fear not, here are some fashion trends to help you navigate the fall transition with style and ease.  You won't even need to put away your summer clothes to look cool this fall.  Here are some other tips for a stylish transition:

Layering:  Fall is all about layering, and it’s the perfect way to adapt to changing temperatures.  Start with lightweight pieces like a flowy blouse or a sleeveless dress and layer them with a lightweight jeans jacket or long sleeve button up top.  This not only adds depth to your outfit but also allows you to adjust your clothing as the day progresses.  According to Michelle Asnicar, owner of Stone + Birch Boutique in Historic Folsom, it's all about texture and layers for fall.  She says, "from dresses and sandals to boots and many pieces are fab for transitioning into the cooler weather." 

Darker Colors and Earthy Tones:  Embrace the colors of nature by incorporating earthy tones into your fall wardrobe.  Think warm brown, deep greens, burnt oranges, and rich burgundies.  These hues not only complement the changing foliage but also create a cozy and sophisticated look.  Tone down your floral summer dress by layering with warm, solid, complimentary hues.  

Textured Fabrics:  Fall is the season to experiment with different textures.  Consider clothing made form different fabrics like denim, velvet, or tweed.  Consider a wool hat, cashmere scarf, or leather boots to elevate your fall outfits.  These materials not only add visual interest but also provide warmth and comfort.

Oversized knits:  Nothing says fall like a chunky knit sweater.  Choose a slouchy cardigan or a soft pullover to create a relaxed and effortlessly chic look.  Pair it with light denim skinny jeans or even shorts to accommodate the changing weather.

Statement Outwear:  As the weather gets cooler, your outerwear becomes a key element of your outfit.  Make a statement with a bold coat or jacket, like the denim jacket our model, Sammy Traynor, is wearing with a bright embroidered fabric on the back from Marigold Boutique in Historic Folsom.  Choose vibrant colors, unique patterns, or interesting textures to stand out from the crowd.  A statement outerwear piece can instantly elevate even the simplest of outfits.

Boots and Booties:  Boots are a year round staple that can effortlessly transition your summer outfits (think short summer dress with cowboy boots) into the new season (booties, jeans, and chunky sweater).  Whether you prefer classic, casual or cowboy, boots add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.  Mia Khera, from On Point Boutique in Palladio, says, “the best way to transition summer into fall is to bust out the booties and layer, layer, layer.”

Accessories:  You can completely change the look and warmth of your outfit with accessories.  Accessories play a crucial role in fall fashion.  Wrap yourself in a cozy scarf or don a stylish hat to complete your outfit.  Even your jewelry can change season.  Heavier styles, bright colors, chunky stones will give more depth to your outfit and won't get lost in your newly added layers and textures.  You can even layer your jewelry.  Different length gold chains or multiple stone and leather wraps, like the ones maker @jewelrybytrena creates, draws attention and creates statement pieces.  Swap your floppy summer hats for a stylish wool hat or a warmer colored straw hat to not only add a fashionable touch but also keep you warm as the days get chillier.

Bags:  Summer is perfect for big beach bags or small outdoor concert pouches but fall is a great time to change out your bag.  Have you noticed how it feels therapeutic to change your handbag?  Clearing out the old stuff and starting with a new bag helps keep things feeling fresh.  People usually carry more in their bags in fall; a place to stash hats, gloves, beanie, scarf, school books, etc.  Backpacks are great for fall, they hold a lot and keep your hands free.  At WOLFHOME on Sutter Street, we have a nice collection of stylish backpacks and boho bags for fall.  Handbags are also a great way to show your unique style with bold colors and luxurious fabrics like canvas, carpet, and leather.

Remember, fashion is about expressing your personal style and feeling confident.  These fall transition wear trends are meant to inspire you, to help you navigate the changing season with flair, and to embrace the season change without having to change your entire wardrobe.  Just a few style alterations or additions can help you welcome fall even when it's still 90 degrees out.  Mix and match these ideas to create your own unique looks and embrace the beauty of fall fashion.

"Choose vibrant colors, unique patterns, or interesting textures to stand out from the crowd.  A statement outwear piece can instantly elevate even the simplest of outfits."   Lisa Wolf, WOLFHOME

  • Vintage jacket and boots layered on top of sheer summer style
  • Vintage jacket and boots layered on top of sheer summer style
  • Start with a neutral foundation and layer  Top:  @retail_therapy_session Skirt:  @Marigoldboutique_ca
  • Bright color accented vintage jeans jacket:  @marigoldboutique_ca
  • Back to school in style! Dress and backpack:  @ShopWolfHome
  • Little Black Dress:  @ShopWolfHome
  • Model:  Sammy Traynor @SammyTraynor
  • Bold colors and styles
  • Vintage necklace styled with textured dress and leather bag:  @shopwolfhome
  • Vintage necklace styled with textured dress and leather bag from WOLFHOME
  • Mixed layered outfit:  @StoneandBirchboutique
  • Summer dress paired with vintage jeans jacket and guitar strap bag:  @ShopWolfHome with @JewelrybyTrena
  • Vintage Converse jacket in warm gold over summer dress:  @ShopWolfHome
  • Model: Audrey Morrill
  • Model: Audrey Morrill